Best Whiskey Glasses you can Buy Online

Best Whiskey Glasses you can Buy Online

Whisky glasses are shaped in a way that enhances the experience of drinking. Most user glasses have a bulbous body shape. This is because it allows aromas to collect and they are directed through a narrow rim. It is essential to choose the correct whisky glasses. That improves the drinker’s enjoyment. Here’s a guide to help you find the best glass. And you can even gift these to someone who enjoys whiskey. 

The tulip-shaped glass 

Best Whiskey Glasses you can Buy Online


Tulip whisky glass is based on the copita, the traditional Spanish glass used to sample sherry. It was also named the ‘dock’ glass because merchants used it. The long stem prevents the hand from coming too close to the nose. The glass can be cradled, which makes the spirit warm if desired. This is a glass suited to a single malt whisky.

The Glencairn whisky glass

The Glencairn whisky glass is similar in shape to the tulip-shaped glass. But it is considered more robust, although it’s equally suited to appreciation. A solid base makes a durable glass popular, and the glass is also somewhat thicker. So this means that it is more substantial for convivial drinking. The Glencairn is the perfect glass for learning how to swirl whisky because of its size. 

The whiskey tumbler 

The Tumbler Glass is the most common of all whisky glasses. It has a wide rim, and that’s why it isn’t ideal for nosing. You can fill your glass with ice and a whisky of your choosing. The wide and robust base makes it ideal for ‘muddling’ cocktail ingredients.

The hiball

The Hiball Glass is the taller brother of the tumbler. It has plenty of ice, spirit, and mixer. And that makes a long and relaxing drink. Hiball is popular amongst fans of other simple whisky serves like ginger ale or whisky and lemonade. 

The snifter

The Snifter Glass is a glass firmly rooted in the gentlemen’s club. Just imagine whisky and cigars in the smoking room. Now, this glass has become for the consumption of dark and aged spirits. The whiskey glasses are designed so that the spirit doesn’t spill out. The wide-body and tight rim encourage the release of harsh ethanol vapors, which overpowers other aromas.

The Neat whisky glass

The Neat whisky glass is very technically minded as it results from a mistake made in a glass-blowing factory. The Neat glass squeezes the lighter molecules of ethanol out and leaves behind the heavier molecules within whisky. This glass is famous for its ability to negate harsh aromas. Drinking from it may take a bit of time because of its unusual shape.


It would be best to consider how much you want to spend on a set of whiskey glasses. The high-end glasses are the most expensive ones. And molded glass is comparatively the cheaper option available. You can also consider the features. Like, crystal has smooth edges that allow for etching intricate patterns on the glass. So make sure that you think properly and wisely before making a decision. 

How to Choose a Durable Whiskey Glass?

Delicate options such as crystals are more expensive, but durability is equally important. The tempering of the glass determines its durability, and the tempered glass goes through a process of heating and cooling down the glass. This process enhances its strength. So if you want your whiskey glasses to be durable, choose tempered glass. Then check if the whiskey glasses you are choosing are dishwasher safe. Lastly, always pick a whiskey glass that is appealing in its appearance because you should be satisfied with how it looks. 

Process of choosing the perfect whiskey glass:

Whiskey drinkers know that the proper glass is essential to enjoy the drink and have the perfect experience. The size and shape of the glass bowl are very important for the aromatic and sensory experience of drinking whiskey. 

The bowl shape and size enhance the spirit’s aroma and taste. When the bowl is larger, the swirling techniques can be used, which aerates the whiskey and releases the oaky aromas. And it also helps eliminate the smell of alcohol that can be pretty strong and not like. 

On the other hand, a larger bowl allows for aeration and swirling techniques to be utilized. But the bowl should not be as large as the wine glass. So when selecting a whiskey glass, make sure you choose a large one. That will allow the whiskey to breathe. The choice of glassware influences the smells and tastes that you perceive. So it is essential to keep in mind that you want a glass that will concentrate vapors and allow you to nose the whiskey. This makes a huge difference. Lastly, a very important feature of a whiskey glass has thick bottoms. This keeps your glass from warming up your drinks because temperature plays a significant role in drinking whiskey.

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