9 Unique Gift Ideas For Nature Lovers

Do you have a nature-loving friend who you need to buy a gift for? Perhaps it’s their birthday, or this is merely a random act of kindness. Either way, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of fun and thoughtful gifts for nature lovers out there. With these ten ideas, you’ll soon be spoilt for choice.

  1. Hydroponics Kit

Hydroponics refers to the process of growing plants using a nutrient-rich water-based solution. With hydroponics, the roots are supported using materials such as clay pellets or peat moss as opposed to soil. The idea is that you let the roots access oxygen and come into contact with the nutrient solution. Hydroponics kits provide the advantage of larger plants that grow at a faster rate. For an avid nature lover, a hydroponics starter kit could make the ideal gift.

  1. Foraging Workshop

Foraging is the practice of exploring the natural world to collect foods growing in the wild. From herbs and mushrooms to nuts and wild berries; there are plenty of wild foods that we can take from the forest. During a foraging workshop, you’ll learn how to determine those foods that are safe to eat, and those which are not. You’ll also get tips on getting the most out of a foraging session, plus advice on how to use the food which you gather in different recipes. With a good foraging workshop, your giftee will soon feel like a wild food expert. Many foraging packages offer a cooking school as part of the deal, for a few ideas check out sites like Wild Food Adventures.

9 Unique Gift Ideas For Nature Lovers

  1. Mushroom Growing Kit

Growing mushrooms is a fun and interesting project that you can easily do at home with the right kit. Whether it’s oyster mushrooms, shiitake or buttons, many varieties are available in the form of a kit. Mushroom kits are super easy; they already come with the mycelium that they need to grow. All you need to do is ensure the correct conditions, which first involves keeping the kit in a cold place for one day. After this, you can move the kit to an appropriate spot outside or indoors, depending on the type of kit you’ve bought. Mushrooms just need a little water and fresh air to start growing.

  1. Glamping Experience

Experience gifts are often the best kind of presents you can give. While tangible presents can be lovely, these just don’t offer the same memories as an experience gift. Nature lovers can’t resist a good camping experience, yet camping doesn’t always have to mean a lack of luxury and style. To spice up your usual camping vibe, try booking a glamping experience for you and your giftee. There are some great glamping packages out there including stylish yurts to sleep in, outdoor hot tubs to bathe in, and most importantly, the chance to sleep under the stars in a gorgeous green location. For options and ideas, take a look at the best glamping spots in the USA. Outdoor holidays are a fantastic way to detox from tech and fully unwind.

  1. Fossil Pendants

A pendant necklace made from a fossil is a truly beautiful gift for any nature lover. If you prefer, you don’t have to buy as a pendant, a fossil alone makes a beautiful ornament and collector’s item. Megalodon Teeth, for instance, come from an extinct shark species. These are over 20 million years old, making for a truly unique and exciting nature-inspired gift.

  1. Bird or Butterfly House

Nature enthusiasts love bringing wildlife into their gardens, whether it’s bird’s or butterflies. Butterfly and birdhouses come in some beautiful designs to really jazz up any garden. If you’re a bit crafty, you could even buy a plain wooden house and then paint and decorate it yourself. Homemade gifts always feel that little bit more special. For a few ideas on birdhouse designs, be sure to take a look at sites like Pinterest. To get your garden packed with wildlife, it’s all about attracting them with the right conditions, houses, plants and food sources.

  1. Wildlife Themed Books

Wildlife books are an excellent gift for animal lovers. There are plenty of new wildlife books out this year, for instance, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Vol.3. Brought to you by Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hicks, here is a collection of some truly stunning (and funny) wildlife photography. From penguins ice-skating to polar bears waving and a squirrel who fancies himself as a photographer! Another book option is Attracting Birds, Butterflies, and Other Backyard Wildlife by the National Wildlife Federation. In this book, you’ll learn how to get your garden buzzing with wildlife in no time.  The National Wildlife Federation knows all the tricks and tips which nature lover’s want to hear, which brings us to our next gift.

  1. National Wildlife Federation Membership

Those who become members of the NWF can make a huge difference in protecting our wildlife. The funds from every membership are put towards education initiatives and conversation. Members of the NWF can access some great benefits such as a subscription to NWF magazine and a discount on NWF merchandise. Members also receive wildlife gifts including calendars, wrapping paper, greeting cards; and best of all- the gift of helping wildlife. For further details on membership options, check out the NWF website. You might even be tempted to join up yourself!

9 Unique Gift Ideas For Nature Lovers

  1. Sailing Experience

There’s nothing more therapeutic than being out on the open waters. For a unique kind of gift for your loved one, consider booking a sailing experience. When it comes to sailing, there’s lots to learn, who knows this could even kick start a new hobby for your giftee! If you don’t think that sailing will be their thing, why not look into another water-based activity? Perhaps an action-packed white water rafting experience? Or maybe a more downtempo kayaking trip ? Of course, you can always accompany your giftee to make the trip that little bit more fun.

When you are wrapping your gift, be sure to look out for eco-friendly wrapping paper. For instance, brown paper is much easier to recycle than traditional shiny paper, making it a more earth-friendly option. When choosing ribbon to decorate, consider choosing a type that is biodegradable.

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