Everyone who owns a pet knows how much their pet becomes their baby. The odds are that at least one person you know is doolally about their pet, and if you are struggling for gift ideas for your friend, you have an opening right now!

Instead of choosing the typical perfume sets and bath bombs this time, why not explore what you can give your pet-loving pal? It’s way more fun to shop for something unique and a little different than the usual run of the mill things off the shelves in the shops. You’ll be able to see their faces and know that you did the right thing! Let’s take a look at some awesome gifts that you can give for the pet lover in your life!

Perfect Gifts For Pet Lovers

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Personalised Pet Gifts

Whether your friend has a cat with a tuft of a beard, or a pooch with a punk rocker hairstyle, buying a personalised gift for them is going to bring a smile. There are so many to pick from, too, from commissioned dog art to pillow cases with their name and date of birth on the front. Your friend deserves a gift that they would cherish forever, and a personalised pet gift is going to be the one!

Edible Pet (& Friend) Treats

Pets love edible treats, and the homemade ones are the ones that go down the best. It doesn’t matter what kind of pet they have, you can make edible treats, from homemade biscuits to homemade yoghurt drops for rats. If you go for the homemade doggie donuts, you can also make some human doughnuts while you’re at it!

New Toys

Pet toys are for the benefit of their pet, but new toys aren’t cheap and so buying those toys for your friend can mean that they get just as much enjoyment out of them! You can go for anything from chuckit systems to squeaky stuffed toys. They will love seeing their pet enjoy the toys so much that they’ll be asking where you bought the toy!

Comfort Choices

All pets love to be loved, and most pets are brilliant human companions. They’re affectionate and loyal, providing a love that is unconditional at all times. Pets become stressed and anxious at times, and when this happens, it can help to have a comfort item. This can range from scented pillows and blankets to anxiety relieving music CDs for pets. You can even splurge a little on doggy cams to keep an eye on them when away!

Pet Furniture

All pets love a little something extravagant, but you look at the price tag and you see why people won’t spend out on giant cat towers! Cages and hutches, exercise equipment and personalised leashes and collars can make a big difference to your friend and their life with their pet.

Finding the perfect gift for a pet loving friend is so important, and if you check through the options above, you can ensure that you have given the best possible gift!