Interior Design Trends This Year

In 2020 it’s basically established that anything goes. You can be as creative and personal as you like, the more unique, the better. Having said that there are some key standards such as the importance of sustainability, the use of natural materials and renewable resources, and having fun with upcycling. More people are looking to the future and investing in more quality items that will last longer as well. There are some color and style trends to look out for too. 


This is an important topical issue. It’s vital to understand the impact our lives have on the environment. There are many trendy ways you can have a more sustainable home in 2020 however while being maintaining an elegant and timeless look. 

If you are looking at more large-scale renovation go for good quality, natural materials. For a Kitchen Remodel, for example, go for woods, stone, and marbles. Make sure you update all your appliances to a “smart” version. Newer models of electrical goods are much more energy-efficient so you might want to consider investing in these. 

Don’t stop there and think about setting up a “smart” house. This means syncing up all of your electrics, appliances, and heating to your smartphone or other devices. You will then be able to control your consumption remotely. You can do this all on one app

Recycled Materials

Reducing waste is key nowadays and a trendy way you can incorporate this into your interior is with upcycling. This is the art of giving new use to old household items that you don’t need anymore. You could also refresh furniture such as sofas and chairs with recycled fabrics. This is a real opportunity for you to get creative. You can create your own unique pieces and swap and trade materials with friends. It can be a fun community project. Set up a swap show near you. If not there are plenty of apps, in order for you to swap second-hand items. 

Color Schemes

In order to create more light in a room, and reduce your electricity consumption go with white as the main wall or ceiling color. There is a wide and versatile color palette trending this year, but the evolution of blue is one of the main themes. Neo-mint green is also a big color this year, so you’re looking for a fresh, natural or almost nautical atmosphere. Navy is also trending right now.  

Vintage Artwork

When decorating your place go for second-hand or vintage artwork. This will add a touch of quirkiness and you will still be doing your bit for the environment. Vintage collections are also very trendy right now and you could look into upcycling some of the items you find.


The effect you want to create in your home this year is a kind of “country house-chic”. Not too rustic, but focusing on a natural look, juxtaposed with functioning modern appliances. You can create this using most of the tips here, and add a touch of your personality. 

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