A Complete Guide to The Use Of Synthetic Urine

A Complete Guide to The Use Of Synthetic Urine

Urine tests can be a nightmare for some, especially when unplanned. Just imagine how scary it can be to hear your company’s HR head announcing medical fitness checkup scheduled in less than 24 hours?

To top it up, if you are an occasional or heavy drug consumer, then such situations are sure to initiate a panic attack. Besides, getting caught is a sure-shot way of getting fired. So how do you tackle this situation? 

Don’t worry! We are here to help you with a life-saving solution. Synthetic urine products!

Yes, you read it right. Similar to normal urine, synthetic products are the best solutions to save yourself from the repercussions of failing a urine test. 

A Complete Guide to The Use Of Synthetic Urine

But what exactly is Synthetic Urine? 

Similar in appearance and density to normal urine, synthetic urine is a chemical compound. It is formed from the chemical composition of urea, uric acid, water, creatinine, and some chemicals for pH balance.  

Being a quick solution, the basic objective of synthetic urine is to replicate the compounds that are found in the original one. When the proper replication is followed, it becomes difficult for machines to detect fake from a real one. 

Unlike traditional methods like mixing salt or vinegar that had a high risk of getting caught, this synthetic urine is a foolproof solution to your problem. While there’s a marginal chance for error, the majority of users have reported success in drug clearance tests. 

Besides, by visiting https://www.healthcarebusinesstoday.com/4-reasons-you-may-want-to-invest-in-synthetic-urine/ , you will know that an investment in synthetic pee comes with loads of benefits.

Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s a catch here! If you fail to abide by the directions to follow, then your fake pee is sure to be detected by the lab equipment.  

Let’s check out some precautions that can save you the horror of drug test failure:

What are the precautions in artificial pee management?

Ensure that you don’t just read but also undertake all these precautions when you use the fake pee kit.

Beware of fake products: If you are trying artificial pee for the first time, ensure that you buy it from a credible resource. Check for reviews and chemical composition of products to avoid last-minute surprises. 

Read the instructions: In a hurry, you might just skimp through the instructions. However, that’s exactly where the possibility of you getting caught increases. Hence, properly go through the instructions of fake pee storage and collection.

Wrap it up: When you carry fake pee to labs, ensure that the temperature is maintained during the transit. Even a slight temperature change can easily be noticed by the machines. So fill up your bottle and wrap it properly to avoid transit damage.

Stay away from intruders: Keep a low profile and try to be normal when you submit your sample in the lab. Likewise, maintain a distance from nosy employees to protect your secret of artificial pee.

Also, by visiting this resource, you can get more insights into maintaining the temperature of synthetic or artificial urine. Let’s proceed to understand how to use artificial pee kits.

How to use synthetic urine kits? 

Generally, the artificial urine kit will have all the paraphernalia for preparing a synthetic pee. Before you start mixing elements, make sure you sanitize your hands and dry them well. Once that is done, check for the directions to mix ingredients. 

The chief factor in artificial pee is to maintain the bottle temperature. In your kit, you will find a thermometer that checks the temperature. Likewise, some products also offer a heating pad to ensure that compounds are formed correctly. 

Similarly, being digital users, we are bound to shop such kits digitally. In such a scenario, remember to not just limit yourself to resource credibility. Compare various products and analyze their shelf life and benefits.

For the safety of your health, try to go the extra mile and check for product expiry. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 

We hope, at least now, you know how to deal with unplanned urine analysis tests. Also, go through your employee rights book to have a general awareness of your rights when it comes to such sudden tests.  

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