A Step by Step Guide of How Professional Brazilian Waxing Works

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Removing hair on your skin using razors or tweezers can be frustrating, considering the aftermath. Besides having bumps caused by ingrown hairs, you might not get clean results after using these methods. The only option you have at getting all unwanted hairs is through Brazilian waxing. If you do not want to go at it alone, hiring a
Verona waxing specialist at Montclair Rejuvenation Center can be a good idea. Here is how it works.

How professional waxing works

Professional waxing works in the following steps:

Step 1: Measuring hair length

Different parts of your body have extra hair length. The first thing a waxing professional does is measure the optimal hair length of other parts of your body. For example, if it targets your pubic region, the professional will trim it short using a pair of scissors to reduce pain during waxing—other parts with hairs shorter than an inch long can be waxed without trimming.

Step 2: Pain reduction

No matter how resilient you are to pain, waxing can be too excruciating to fathom. Your professional waxing specialist will give you painkillers to reduce any discomfort you may feel during and after the procedure. Alternatively, they may apply ice cold packs to your skin before the waxing to reduce your pain.

Step 3: Cleaning and drying the target area

Your waxing specialist cleans the target area to get rid of dirt, dead skin cells, and sweat. They will also dry the site to make it conducive for waxing. It also allows the wax to penetrate your skin effectively.

Step 4: Wax warming

Your professional tests the wax temperature to ensure it is ready for application. It should not be too hot to cause a burning sensation neither too cold to penetrate your skin. Instead, it should be lukewarm.

Step 5: Wax application

A small amount of wax is applied to your skin, and then a piece of cloth is used to cover the wax for a few seconds.

Step 6: Stripping off the piece of cloth

The specialist strips off the cloth by holding your skin with one hand and using the hand to contain your skin. Since it is the most painful part, the pain medications will help you endure it.

Step 7: Pampering the skin

After taking off the waxing cloth, your skin doctor will soothe your skin using ice packs. To ensure you do not develop any irritations, avoid hot baths and tight clothing. They will also provide you with moisturizers to prevent clogging your pores.

Go for professional waxing to get the best results

DIY waxing sounds convenient until you end up with unsatisfying results and pain. Please do not assume that pain relievers will shield you from pain just because you want to avoid hefty costs. The bottom line is that you will still feel pain, but you will not have to bear the consequences of future complications with professional waxing. To learn more about the benefits of professional waxing, schedule a consultation with a waxing specialist today.

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