Neck Pain Causes and Remedies

Neck Pain Causes and Remedies

When you have neck pain, doing routine tasks can be quite a nightmare. Weslaco boasts of several physicians who can help you manage the condition. Here is why you should consider the best Weslaco, TX pain medicine physician for you.

Think of the freedom in going about your tasks without constant pain. Here are several reasons why your neck is giving you sleepless nights:

Bad Posture

When reading, watching, or even working on your desk, how do you position yourself? Holding your neck too forward can give you neck pain. Additionally, neck pain can happen if you are using a pillow that is too hard. Moreover, if the pillow is at an extremely high or low position, you are bound to have neck pain. With bad posture, you strain your neck muscles excessively.


You may possibly have a lot on your mind, and you can’t help but wonder how things will get better. Stress is one cause of neck pain, it can cause your neck muscles to become tense and tight leading to pain. To relieve stress, you can attend therapy and also practice relaxation techniques.


Several injuries can lead to severe neck pain. For instance, you were in an automobile accident, and you had a whiplash injury. In such a scenario, your neck experienced a sudden snap; jerking back and forth. As a result, your neck muscles stretch more than average, and you have neck pain. You can also fall or hit your neck, which gives rise to the problem.


Sometimes, neck pain is more than just sleeping in the wrong pose. That is why you should not ignore consistent neck pain but consult your doctor as soon as possible. Diseases can include meningitis which is disastrous if you don’t receive medical attention soon. Meningitis is an infection to the membrane lining cover of your brain and spinal cord. If left untreated, brain damage is imminent and in worse cases, death.

An infection to the lymph nodes can result in neck pain as well as a disease such as arthritis that affects your spinal bones. If you also have degenerative disc disease or a herniated disc, neck pain is a common symptom. A herniated disc occurs when your spinal discs protrude forward, even rupturing and compressing your neck nerves in the process. On the other hand, degenerative discs resulting from aging discs become dry and eventually become painful.

When neck pain becomes severe, you might experience other symptoms such as numb feet, loss of bowel and bladder stability, and even weight loss. Other times you can experience fever, severe headache, and even sudden weight loss without any diet or exercise intervention. The treatment for neck pain varies, from adopting a functional exercise routine, ice pack application, and even massage. There are also articles on how to strengthen neck muscles online that you can read. For persistent neck pain, interventional pain management through remedies such as spinal cord stimulation and epidural injections are helpful.

Your interventional pain specialist will examine you for proper diagnosis by establishing the root cause of your pain. If the problem results from artificial forces or factors within your control, it will help if you avoid them.

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