Add Flavor to Your Shrimp Dish With These 4 Amazing Sides

Add Flavor to Your Shrimp Dish With These 4 Amazing Sides

It’s almost dinner time, and you haven’t decided what you’re going to be making! You forgot to take any meat out of the freezer. It’s a good thing that you have shrimp.

Shrimp only takes a few minutes to thaw, and there are a million ways for you to cook it. Since it pretty much absorbs the flavor of any spices you put on it, these flavorful shellfish make the perfect addition to any meal.

Now you’re scratching your head, trying to think of side dishes for shrimp. We’ve got you covered there. Check out this guide for a few great ideas.

1. Zucchini Matchsticks

Every meat dish needs a good veggie side. These zucchini matchsticks are the perfect side item for the job. Top thin strands of zucchini with parmesan, almonds, and whatever spices you want.

Pro-tip, zucchini yields itself well to spices such as oregano, thyme, basil, and parsley. You can also add lemon, crushed red pepper, and garlic to give it a little kick.

2. Garlic Chive Butter Baby Potatoes

These roasted baby potatoes are easy to make and topped with parmesan cheese. What’s not to love? Make a melted butter mixture that includes chives, garlic, salt, black pepper, and parmesan cheese.

Toss the baby potatoes in the mixture and arrange them on a skillet. Cover the skillet and put it in an oven that’s been preheated to 400 degrees.

Let the potatoes roast for 30 minutes and take them out. Sprinkle them with additional parmesan cheese and enjoy.

3. Fried Cauliflower Rice

Want to bring an Asian inspired twist into your kitchen?

Fried cauliflower rice will do the trick. You’ll be cooking up a lot of the same veggies that go into a typical fried rice dish such as carrots, peas, and onions. The difference is instead of jasmine rice; you use cauliflower rice.

You’ll also stir in a sauce made with sesame oil, soy sauce, date or maple syrup, flour, and hot sauce. Once all the ingredients are well combined in the pan, it’s time to add your shrimp to the plate and eat. Top with yum yum sauce to really bring the Asian restaurant feel into your home.

4. Italian Roasted Mushrooms and Veggies

This is another simple yet delicious combo that pairs well with shrimp. Throw mushrooms, cocktail tomatoes, garlic, and cauliflower into a bowl and toss it with olive oil. Season the vegetables with Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper.

Deposit the veggies onto a baking sheet and pop them in an oven that’s been preheated at 400 degrees. Let them roast for 30 minutes. Sprinkle them with parsley for garnish before you serve them with your shrimp.

Delectable Side Dishes For Shrimp Dishes

Shrimp isn’t too hard to cook and goes well with pretty much any seasoning or dish you decide to pair it with.

With all the options you have, finding side dishes for shrimp can be a struggle. Try out some of the tasty options on this list to bring your dinner full circle.

Did you like these delectable food options? We’ve got more where that came from. Check out the recipe section of our blog daily for all the latest dishes!

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