When to Visit a Pain Specialist for Your Back Pain in West Orange

When to Visit a Pain Specialist for Your Back Pain in West Orange

Millions of people in the world are suffering from back pain. It is one of the most common health discomforts that needs to be curbed when it triggers, otherwise, there are chances of falling prey to more severe health disorders. According to medical experts, any kind of pain if left untreated may prevent you from leading a happy life. 

You can visit the Pain Center of NJ expert pain management physician in West Orange who provides relief to innumerable patients and helps them to lead an active life. All you need to know is when to visit them if you experience back pain. 

It is time to visit an experienced doctor to have relief from back pain: 

  • Understand whether the pain is acute back pain or chronic pain. The source of pain decides whether it is an acute or severe health disorder. Any pain that lasts for more than twelve weeks is chronic pain. When the pain is felt because of a herniated disc, sprain, or muscle strain and spasm, it is known as acute pain. These kinds of discomforts are reduced immediately after applying pain relief ointments or lotions, and by taking prescribed medications. Even icing and heat therapies help to lessen the pain. 
  • Chronic back pain occurs because of degenerative disc disease, arthritis, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis, and spondylolisthesis. This kind of medical condition needs intense treatments and features a high chance for an increase in the severity of symptoms if left undiagnosed and the right treatment is not given fast. Moreover, if acute back pain remains untreated, it may result in developing into chronic health issues.
  • The mild pain can be managed by over-the-counter medicines. However, severe pain needs to be treated by a medical specialist only. 

The most common causes of back pain include:

  • Obesity: The excess weight of the body results in feeling back pain
  • Maintaining bad posture while sitting for long hours
  • Spinal ailments and arthritis health discomforts
  • Fractured vertebrae
  • The result of being involved in an accident

The usage of hot or cold packs at home relaxes the muscles and reduces back pain completely. The pain reliever creams, ointments, or gels work wonders to eliminate back pain. However, if the pain persists even after a few weeks of applying them, and while taking pharmacist-suggested medicines, then it is time to visit an experienced medical professional. 

You need to visit Dr. Siegel in West Orange if you are experiencing intense pain, swelling, and redness on your back. Any back pain that does not vanish after having mild pain reliever medications needs to be treated by expert medical physicians.

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