5 Family Movie Night Ideas

5 Family Movie Night Ideas

A movie night is a perfect way to spend quality family time together with your little ones. However, going to the cinema is not always practical, especially when dealing with a global pandemic. 

The good news is that you can bring the fun and magic of cinema to your own home. Putting together a family movie night your children won’t forget is not as difficult as it sounds. Keep reading for eight of the best ways to create an incredible family movie spectacle together. 

1. Make a Pillow Fort

Making forts is one of the most fun parts of being a kid. Whether you’re using cardboard boxes or towels and blankets, a pillow fort is a fun way to make the home movies feel more exciting for your kids. Be sure to add in enough blankets, pillows, and boxes that your little ones can create a pillow castle!

2. Set up a Snack Bar

Another way to make home movie night fun is by setting up a snack bar with snacks, drinks and treats for your children (and of course popcorn and wine for yourself). It might be interesting to try out some new flavors of popcorn or create some sweets from scratch. Let your children help you in the kitchen to promote more bonding throughout the day.     

Children, especially older children, love to be able to pay for snacks with the bar staff. Take it even further by printing fake money and giving it away as a gift to your children at the end of the film.  

3. Create Movie Tickets

In addition to “paying” for snacks, children can also hand in their tickets at the “ticket inspector”. If Mom and Dad pay instead, you don’t miss any responsible fun, so why not? A movie ticket generator is a fun way to add a lot of magic to the evening. Whether you’re printing out themed disney movie tickets or admission tickets for your little ones’ favorite action film, your kids will love the fun of having their own custom movie tickets.     

4. Make a Cozy Seating Area

    At home, it can be incredibly difficult to sit down on the couch and feel comfortable — especially if your family is too large to fit on the sofa at once. Tear off the blankets and pillows to make the most comfortable couch you’ve ever sat on. Although theater seats have evolved, they are not as fun as creating your own seating area with your little ones. 

5. Have a Themed Watch Party

 Whether you’re watching Harry Potter or Shrek, you can have fun with a themed watch party. For example, watching Harry Potter, you can learn some simple magic tricks while watching the movie.

Themed watch parties can be made even more fun by playing games. You can ask questions to see if you remember something as a child and if so, they win a themed prize! Whoever wins the quiz at the end of the evening will win a prize, and whoever wins the quiz will win the grand prize. 

Although the movie theaters are closed, you can still have a fun time at home with the kids by having a family movie night. Let your creativity run wild and experience it with your children for a truly unforgettable movie night experience.    

Image attribution: ApartmentGuide.com 

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