Finding The Top Lip Gloss Brand Name For Your Business

Finding The Top Lip Gloss Brand Name For Your Business

As little girls, we all dream about the day we get to experiment with makeup, not the ‘color in your lips like a clown and choose the bluest shade of eye shadow imaginable to match’ type of try-outs, but the real-world version.

The one where we sit and watch, with sleep still in our eyes, our mothers effortlessly putting on various layers, creams, and colors in front of a little mirror that’s sitting on the window sill, the sun beaming in as it begins to wake up and the birds chirping their good morning songs.

I used to dig through my mother’s and grandmother’s makeup bags every weekend, the smell of pencils mixed with perfume sticks, the marks and stains on the weathered bags made it all the more magical. 

See some of the histories here and the interesting story behind its creation.

Broken eye shadow pallets were my favorite because they were like mini paint trays, I would line up the 3 dolls I had and become Picasso for a moment, standing back and admiring the work I’d created. 

The final touches were always the most dramatic, lipsticks standing in a row ready to fire, the colors in gradient order and the dolls, I’m sure, looking on in horror to what’s about to be put on them. Brilliant, oh the memories we have as children.

Understanding what lipstick is and how it came to light.

It has been shown that for as early as 5000 years ago that lipstick or lip color has been used to decorate faces, tribes would crush up and grind emeralds and precious stones and paint their faces focusing on the eyes and lips.

Ancient Egyptians, especially Cleopatra, would crush bugs with dark hues and brush them on their lips and eyelids, the colors indicated and were worn more for social and royal statuses than for decoration.

In the earlier years, it was known to be worn by those of a more privileged, upper-class background, and for male actors in the theatre industry. Read this article for an interesting look at how lipstick has evolved over the years, the symbolism in its sexuality, and how ingredients have changed. 

For the more extravagant individuals, the shimmer from fish scales was added into the mix to give a more pearlescent effect. 

As times and technology have advanced these products have become more accessible and manufactured more ethically. Lipsticks started being made from a combination of beeswax and plant coloring to achieve not only a variety of shades but also to add a level of ‘sealant’ to the lips to prevent dehydration and dry, chapped lips.

Finding The Top Lip Gloss Brand Name For Your Business

Lipstick versus lip gloss.

For some it can easily be mistaken or confused that these two are not the same and do not serve the same purpose, so let’s put those misunderstandings to rest, shall we? This blog gives you some insight into what others think and feel about them.

When it comes to deciding which side of the fence you’re on, whether it’s a ‘put together look’ created by the perfect shade of lipstick, or a fun and flirty night out ensemble topped with a sheen of gloss, names can make or break it for you.

My cousin, a die-hard user of a company brand that shan’t be mentioned, would rather wear nothing than use a different brand name. 

She said wearing this color in the particular texture combination of both hydration and radiance makes her feel not only light on her feet but confident, and for me, this is the epitome of a great product. Making someone feel empowered by a simple swish of a color stick and you’re on the money. 

Even more so is the fact that she is forever a devoted client to this ‘name’ and I can guarantee there are plenty out there in the world just like her, thus resulting in global brand awareness which, as we know, is the dream is it not?

So how to get the perfect name you ask, well having the vision, to begin with, is a great place to start and then putting the wording and letters in perfect order and you have yourself a brand. To find out if the name you have is impactful or dreadful the help of professional businesses who set up company names is a good option to look into. 

For people all over the world who you’re aiming at to use your product on their lips, a memorable name is key in combination with the other key factors of course. For help with this, associations in the lipstick business who have the market knowledge and expertise to develop a new wave in cosmetics is something to consider if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Finding The Top Lip Gloss Brand Name For Your Business

Our faces are a blank canvas that we get to paint and create new artworks with every time we put something onto them, how amazing to be able to start again each time and let your imagination run free. 

Choosing the shade that suits you best.

It can be daunting looking at the lipstick shelves in the shops and everything seems to be the same color, red, yet not the ‘exact’ same making it even more confusing? 

The saleswoman is trying to convince you there are warms and cools when it comes to the shade, asking about your undertone, overtone, and suddenly I’m running out the shop empty-handed.

Watching this quick video will help set you off in the right direction, taking notes might be a good idea and take a quick look at them again before heading into the shop the second time around. 

Looking at your skin tone in different climates, on different parts of your body, and how it reacts to precious metals will also determine the color you choose, and even more so if you’re looking for an ‘everyday’ option.

Take your time, do your research, and take on the world, because you can and the world always needs powerful entrepreneurs. 

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