Best South American Style kitchen idea

Best South American Style kitchen idea

Best South American Style kitchen idea

They say the kitchen is the most crucial part of a home. Indeed, cooking is not the only purpose a kitchen serves; it goes beyond that. We create food in our kitchens, and the tastes of food reach straight to our heart, traveling the taste buds. Homely, comfortable kitchen space can also portray elegance. The South American kitchens pattern tells us that. 

A South American style kitchen is quite different in terms of structures and decorations. The ideas of their decors come from their origin. You may find a touch of art in almost every Brazilian and neighbour county’s kitchen design. While the South American cuisines differ from many, most of the kitchens are beautifully decorated with unique things that you may not find anywhere else.

In every kitchen, we can see some specific features that are not different in term of a Latin American structured kitchen. The cooking space, dishwashing space, dining space, and the doorway; all of these are combined with a backdrop and flooring. While the features are the same, how you arrange the things. And choose the furniture and colors for your kitchen is what makes the difference.

The cooking space 

Best South American Style kitchen ideaThe cooking space is the place where the ingredients are prepared and then cooked. The place is divided into parts so you can do your work in an organized way. The cutting area, cleaning area and finally the cooking area altogether create a cooking space. In a South American kitchen, you may find colorful and traditional potteries arranged in this zone. Some place has separate places to keep spices and other ingredients. This place also contains small racks for arranging plates, bowls and glasses

The dishwashing zone

Very close to the cooking part is the dishwashing space. This space is designed in a way suitable with the structure of the whole kitchen and needs of the family. The selection of dishwasher, refrigerator, hardware, cabinets, and faucet depends on the designer/owner’s perspective and choice. This zone can also have racks to keep the washed plates, and arranging the dishcloths and towels. 

The Dining Space 

Best South American Style kitchen ideaThe dining space is where one can show her tastes. A simple, natural wooden table can fill the area; which can be collaborated with some artistic chairs. Furniture with details is an often viewed scene in a Latin American kitchen format. A combination of antique and modern furniture is seen as well. Some only opt for modern ones while there are always such people who can’t get over from antiques. Both look good, and the outcome mostly depends on the arrangement. But when antique meets with the modern taste, a stunning appearance is created. Most of the South American kitchen’s design these days portray such combination that look equally elegant and sophisticated.

The doorway 

While there are some kitchen space included as a part of a dining room, doorways are significant if the kitchen is a separate room. A doorway can be decorated with multiple options. Different types of doors are used following a kitchen’s design and structure. Both plain and artistic doors are seen in the Latin American kitchens. Bright colors are often used to make a warm welcome. Sometimes, the ways are decorated with plant pots and patterned pots to create a scenic view. 

Backdrop and flooring

Best South American Style kitchen ideaThese two are the essential elements in any interior planning. In a kitchen, you can often find bright colored backdrops. Sunny yellow, bright orange, brown-yellow – these colors play beautifully as a backdrop for the kitchen. Different traditional potteries, artistic pieces, and folk arts compliment such bright colors the most. The cabinets and shacks are matched with the colors to create a lovely appearance. 

You may also find the color teal, sea green, and different shades of pastels. Another style is the floral patterns; A touches of floral with a hint of plants – the perfect combination. Floral designs are never out of fashion, no matter the time. Fiber rugs are often used to create a different look. 

Next comes the flooring of the kitchen. The kitchen floor is what binds everything together. No matter how beautiful your furnishings are done, with unsuitable flooring, all the arrangements can look dull. From the rustic look to using bright colors, the South American kitchens have it all in terms of the flooring. Wooden floors are observed as well. 

Even laminated floors are also quite popular in the South American style kitchens. As beautiful as they look, placing the flooring in the right manner can be a bit crafty. But with the help of a right laminate flooring cutter, you can do this. The floors are often decorated with potteries, plants, small shacks, and stools. Traditional embroidered cushions and pillows are used in different corners, seats, and chairs. 

Wrapping Word

Our everyday lives revolve around the kitchen. It is like the heart of our home. We prepare meals for our family and children. Therefore, making a beautiful kitchen can result in creating a beautiful home for your family. Cooking for your family helps to strengthen the bond between you and your family members. A pleasant view will only amplify the efforts that you put in for the people that you truly care for. The place can also work as the centre of your home where you can spend quality times with your family while cooking and eating the food you make. 

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