How to Make Your Entire House Reminiscent of a 5 Star Hotel

How to Make Your Entire House Reminiscent of a 5 Star Hotel

Who doesn’t love going on a retreat? Having the sun in your hair, breakfast in bed, having the softest towels on your skin right after a nice soak in the bath, and, let’s not forget the atmosphere! Five-star hotels are a world of their own, they emit luxury, glamor, rest, and relaxation, and you’re meant to feel pampered the entire time as if you were royalty! Now who doesn’t love that? While the average person simply isn’t able to go out every weekend to a luxury hotel, let alone even afford one during a trip, sometimes what matters most is the atmosphere they create. The atmosphere is meant to be soft, calm, happy, and neutral.

For the average home, it can be cluttered, loud, and chaotic. As you can see, they’re like total opposites. But why not create that luxury feeling right at home? In a way, you can absolutely create a 5-star hotel feeling throughout your entire home. Whether you have a traditional home or a modern one, it can easily be done! Sure, there might be some transformations that need to be done, but at the end of the day, it’s going to be worth it! So, here’s everything you need to know!

Embrace Fresh Flowers

A lot of fancy hotels will have fresh flowers in their lobby, the dining area, as well as the hotel rooms themselves. Depending on where you live and if flowers are cheap, this could be an option for you! There’s no denying that flowers add a touch of elegance and beauty to a room. Plus, they add a fresh scent that can instantly elevate your home. If you don’t have the time to maintain a real flower arrangement, faux flowers are an excellent alternative. They come in a variety of colors and styles to fit any decorating style. When choosing artificial flowers, be sure to choose ones that complement the color scheme of your home so they blend in and look natural. But if you have the time or make a garden for yourself or even have the money, there are even flower subscription services you can look into!

Consider a Kitchen Upgrade

So, the average guest doesn’t actually see what a hotel kitchen looks like. Honestly, they’re pretty industrial looking. So having one that looks like that isn’t going to be cozy. But instead, you can look into a Bed and Breakfast kitchen. They’re cute, quaint, and so dreamy too! One of the most important steps to make your home feel like a luxury hotel is upgrading your kitchen. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be an expensive project. 

There are many affordable ways to update your kitchen, from new countertops and appliances to a fresh coat of paint. Besides making your home feel luxurious, upgrading your kitchen can also improve functionality and increase its resale value. By incorporating modern trends into your kitchen, you can create a beautiful and functional space that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Take a Look at Your Garden

A lot of fancy hotels will have a courtyard, garden, terrace, or something among the lines of that. These are super relaxing and look fabulous! Plus, you can even add a deck to your home to help create a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors from fabulous companies like . On top of that, depending on the amount of room you have, you might want to consider some other things, such as flowers (hydrangeas are perfect), maybe roses, or even hollyhocks. Overall, focusing on your garden is going to make a massive impact that you’re not going to want to skip out on!

Upgrade Your Bed Linen

White sheets are a hallmark of luxury hotels because they evoke a sense of cleanliness and freshness. Upgrade your bed linens with a luxe set that features high-thread count cotton or even silk. Linen bedding also feels softer against the skin and is temperature-regulating. Hotels also get their proportions right, keeping a bed from looking too big and a nightstand from feeling too small. Aim for balance in your bedroom by using a mix of pillow sizes, including Euro pillows and bolster pillows, as well as a mix of fabrics, including linen, vintage linen, percale, brushed cotton, and boucle.

Create a Spa-Like Bathroom

Not every home is able to have a sauna or pool, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add small nods of spa-like elements into your home! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sinking into a luxuriously soft tub after a long day, with a glass of wine and some soothing spa music playing in the background. Transforming your bathroom into a space that evokes this sense of serenity and peace is a great way to feel more relaxed at home. Spa bathrooms typically emphasize natural materials and feature soft, neutral colors. Changing your bathroom color scheme to fit this theme is a cost-effective and easy way to transform the room.

Towels are also a key component of spa bathrooms. Investing in some new, fluffy towels is a quick and inexpensive way to make your bathroom feel more luxurious. Consider adding a towel warmer for an even more luxurious touch. Organizing your bathroom to eliminate clutter is another easy way to create a more relaxing space. Consider adding a bathtub tray and placing some bath products in coordinating jars or dispensers. It’s not so much about what you have but rather how you display it. 

Always Add a Touch of Elegance

There’s something about a luxury hotel that oozes elegance. Even if you can’t afford to stay at a Conde Nast featured property, there are ways that you can bring a touch of elegance to your own home. You don’t want to go with anything big or elaborate (such as a giant wall tapestry); just make it soft and subtle, such as houseplants or tiny hints of gold (such as door knobs). 

Choose Luxury Soaps and Lotions

This might be on the pricier side, but why not invest in some hotel-quality soaps and lotions for your master bathroom as well as the guest/ common bathroom? It’s actually one of the easiest ways to make your home smell like a luxury hotel. Look for fragrances that are associated with relaxation and luxury, such as lavender, eucalyptus, or vanilla. The key to a successful scent is keeping it light and fresh. Avoid overpowering your space with rich, heady fragrances, and instead, opt for something more on the citrusy side with hints of floral.

You can Never Go Wrong with Scents

There is something about the divine aroma that wafts through the air at five-star hotels. It captivates your senses and instantly makes you feel like royalty. Fortunately, you can recreate that hotel scent at home by using scented candles and reed diffusers. A lot of candle companies offer a Hotel Series of reed diffusers, including a divine Ritz-Carlton choice and an energizing Marriott option. But really, it’s going to be up to you and the scents that you prefer the most!

Embrace the Statement Piece

One of the first things guests notice about luxury hotels is how attractive and inviting their entrances are. The good news is that a beautiful entrance can be affordable to replicate at home. These statement pieces can be basically anything or in any (or every room). For example, with hotel lobbies, there might be a massive painting or wall art, and the bedrooms might have funky bed sheets or a huge mantel in the dining room. In the end, it’s going to be your choice, but it makes a room look more interesting!

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