Boot Styles And Brands To Check Out

Boot Styles And Brands To Check Out


Boots are footwear staples that will never go out of style. They are full of personality, unique, and long-lasting. A pair of decent quality boots will probably last you several years of wear with some care. Like all fashion items, boots come in various styles and look, and this excess of choice can make purchasing boots quite a daunting task. There are also many different things to factors of consideration, such as the quality, price, comfort, and overall look. You can even check out other shoe products and tips at

For starters, the trendy styles of boots recently include lace-ups, Chelsea boots, and chukkas. No worries if you would prefer something more classic that will never become outdated—these very same styles are unlikely to fade into obscurity even as time passes. Current iterations may come in fancy colors and patterns that are widely loved today, but you can definitely go for more subtle textures and colors, which will truly ensure that it will stand the test of time.

Those who value comfort need to examine the construction and type of boots they are intending to purchase. Boots with a rubber sole generally help to reduce the impact of your feet as you walk. Leather boots, on the other hand, might need some time to break in. However, the leather usually softens and begins to take the shape of your foot after some time. If you happen to have broad feet, consider purchasing lace-up boots rather than the pull-on kinds, which will provide you with a better fit and an easier time putting them on. Boots that come with extra support in the form of padded insoles or cushioning can really make a difference for people who are usually on their feet the whole day. Vegan leather boots are also worth considering. Check the best vegan boots to buy and pick any type you want.

Boots are great investments to your wardrobe due to how enduring they are literally, and in the fashion sense. Having two to three pairs of boots are quite normal by the standards of an average guy. We recommend having a pair of suede chukkas that will go well with casual outfit looks. Most suede chukkas in neutral colors will do the job just fine. For the second pair, we would want something that can be worn for more formal occasions and will pair well with suits. Black Chelsea boots are a popular choice for this reason, and we can definitely see why. If you have the budget, definitely consider an additional pair of either casual or formal boots to alternate with, depending on which you feel will see more use. Those who engage in outdoor activities such as hiking or trekking should definitely get boots specifically for such activities, and those living in areas with long winters should ensure that their boots are water-proof and suited for their weather elements.

Now that we have covered some of the basic know-how on purchasing boots, here are some of our favorite brands. 


This brand goes way back to the mid-17th Century, and its legacy and styles have lasted till today—and there is no better proof of how timeless their boots are with this. Their boots boast both comfort and utility in sleek and contemporary silhouettes. Our favorite style from Grenson has got to be the Cosmo boot from their triple welt range. 

Boot Styles And Brands To Check Out


If you are no stranger to pop culture and the hip hop scene, then you must have heard of Timberlands and seen their iconic yellow boots on some of the legendary hip hop artists in their music videos. This brand has tons of history and cultural significance, and it is no wonder many people love Timberland boots given the quality of their footwear as well. Look no further if you want something more on the rugged side. 


Classy and elegant is what comes to mind when looking at the designs of Tricker’s boots. Besides how chic the boots look, they are also pretty sturdy and comfortable. Their country range of boots caught our eyes immediately with how sophisticated they look. With a manufacturing philosophy of handmade and individualized boots, those who value such quality craftsmanship should take an extra look.


This British brand has roots in the motorbiking culture, with some of its most iconic styles revolving around biker wear. One of its most popular styles has got to be its black and cool biker boots that literally screams rebellious and adventurous. If you are interested in such an expressive bad-boy aesthetic, Belstaff’s wide range of selection may be of interest to you.  


Church’s has seen multiple rebrandings and reinventions and remains one of the most beloved boot brands. It offers a wide selection of boots for people of varied interests, but its standout product line has to be those that pay homage to its origins and history. Church’s boots can be eye-catching and work well for both formal and casual settings. For those tight on a budget and would rather not buy two boots for both formal and casual occasions can check Church’s out.


The brand was started way back in 1825 and got its breakout moment in 1950 when the desert boot designed by Nathan Clark took off. Heavily inspired by boots donned by British army officers in Cairo, Clarks boots are a mix of clean, refined, and laidback. Truly a household name in certain regions, you can never go wrong with one of their suedes for a casual hangout with your date or friends. 


Closely associated with Harley-Davidson for its popular line of motorcycle wear, Wolverine’s boots are one of the sturdiest and durable boots on the market. Catered for working professionals and outdoor enthusiasts, their famous 1000 mile range ensures that you are getting your bucks’ worth of money. As its name suggests, this range of boots is sure to last you through the harshest environment and allow you to get your work done with no foot-related interruptions. It’s a pretty sound investment if you ask us. 

Boot Styles And Brands To Check Out


That’s it for some of our favorite brands for boots in the market. Boots typically match well with whatever you are wearing so as long you keep to a safe color choice, so do not be afraid to splurge a little to get something that you would be comfortable standing or walking in. Happy shopping!

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