Popular Coffee Recipes You’ll Love

Popular Coffee Recipes You’ll Love

According to legends, the history of coffee goes back to the 9th century and beyond. Within more than 1200 years that passed (some myths tell of more than 3000), this tasty has got multiple recipes and tastes. Here are some of them described and explained.

Espresso Cooked Right

To cook real espresso, one can pick the best Brazilian coffee beans or real Arabica. These can make your coffee strict and give it the required smell. The real espresso ingredients for 2 cups include:

  • 2 teaspoons of freshly ground coffee
  • 1 glass of pure water (filtered or mineral will work the best to make taste pure and light)
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar is not necessary, but it will add some sweetness to your cup yet without adding too many calories.  
  • 0.2g of salt  

Add sugar, coffee, and salt into a cezve, warm up the ingredients with small and slow fire while mixing them on purpose. At the same time, warm up some water without making it hot or boiling. When everything’s warm, add water to the ingredients in a cezve. Boil it all on a small fire.

With time, coffee will raise. You shouldn’t wait till it boils. As soon as that bubble “hat” appears, turn off the heat and mix the potion. After that, fire it up again until your espresso gets boiled.

Distribute the correctly made espresso into two cups, and enjoy!

Raf Coffee

This coffee recipe is relatively “young”. Three baristas from Moscow came up with it in 1996. They had to experiment with tastes and ingredients for a picky client named Rafael. That’s how the drink’s name appeared.


  • 30 ml of espresso
  • 5 g of vanilla sugar
  • 5 g of “regular” sugar
  • 100 ml of cream

To cook Raf coffee, you’ll need a coffee machine with a pincher. Check this budget coffee makers buying guide and choose your home assistant to try all the coffee recipes available!

So, after you made the classical espresso, add it to a cup with sugar and cream, and then use the pincher to whip it up. A glass or a jar for your Raf coffee should be warm. After a delicate foam appears, add your drink to that jar and enjoy it.

If you want, it’s fine to add your ingredients and experiment. Raf coffee is open for new tastes!

Irish Coffee

The original Irish coffee recipe appeared in 1952 when the Irish airport bar barista made an effort to help people warm up. There was a delayed flight, and passengers had to spend 18 hours in the airport, while the weather was so cold that regular coffee and tea were not effective at all. That’s how the Irish coffee recipe appeared.


  • 45 ml of high-quality Irish whiskey
  • 15 ml of Sugar syrup (or melted sugar)
  • 120 ml of standard Americano
  • 50 ml of cream

To make Irish coffee, you need to mix hot coffee, syrup, and whiskey in a tall jar or jigger. It’s critical not to forget to warm up the jar glass beforehand: that’s how you make your coffee portion even tastier. Whip up creams in a separate cup, and then mix the components along with decorating the jar. Some chocolate or a small cookie would be great to add.

These were only some of the most popular coffee recipes you’ll definitely like to drink. Coffee is known all over the planet, so special ways to make it can be found in every country, city, or even neighborhood.

But the point is that coffee is open for experiments. It’s great to try something new. Feel free to mix different ingredients, let your fantasy flow, and who knows, maybe your coffee recipe will become the most loved throughout the world.

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