Camping Tips For The Summer


You can camp all year round but summer presents the best conditions for camping. It’s blazing hot, and you have every excuse to get out of the house and cool off with some outdoor adventure.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then summer is an exciting season for you and perhaps you have already gotten your camping out and you are just waiting for the time to come for you to dash to your favorite camping grounds.

As you wait, there camping tips that you should know that will make your camping experience worth your while.

Plan early

Like you, there are thousands of fellow campers waiting for the camping season to arrive so they can troop to their favorite campsites which incidentally may be the same as yours.

The most popular campsites like national parks usually require you to make reservations in good time and you might want to reserve a space before they are all taken.

If there are items you need to purchase, this is the time to do so before the peak season arrives and the prices of camping gears skyrocket.

Packing list

The temperatures during the summer months are the hottest during the year and you want to dress appropriately so you are comfortable in the sweltering heat.

Pack light clothes made of soft fabric like cotton which allows the skin to breathe. Clothes made of fabric like polyester that cling to the skin will make you uncomfortable and reeking of sweat all day.

For your footwear, carry a pair of sandals for strolling around your campsite and boots in case you intend to go hiking or any place that wearing a pair of sandals exposes your feet to thorns, scratches, and injuries.

Sun protection

Like every other day, you need to have with you an SPF 30 sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. A sun hat and a pair of sunglasses will also come in handy in protecting your head and eyes respectively from the sun.

Your summer camping experience depends on the measures you put in place to stay cool in heat. You need a camping refrigerator to keep your foods from spoiling and a Camping Air-Con or a fan to maintain the temperatures inside your tent within the ranges you are comfortable with.

More importantly, you need to keep yourself well hydrated during the summer by drinking plenty of water.

Pitching your tent

You need to find a tent that is spacious and well ventilated. In the colder months, you can get away with squeezing yourself into a tiny tent but cramming yourself into a tiny tent with poor ventilation will ruin your camping experience. Get a tent size for two more people than your actual number. So if you are two on the trip then get a 4-person tent.

The position of the tent matters too. You want to pitch your tent in a location that is shielded from direct sun during the day otherwise you won’t be able to stay in your tent during the day with the sun blazing directly upon you.


  1. I love camping and glamping. It’s great to get away from the busy part of life and relax.

  2. Great tips! I started camping last year and I love it. I bought a NatureHike tent and found it perfect. I highly recommend this brand!

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