Five Great Camping Spots in Georgia

Five Great Camping Spots in Georgia

If you would like to make the most out of your summer vacations, you might want to check out what Georgia’s national parks have to offer for outdoor lovers. Whether you love watersports or camping under the stars and hiking during the day, there are some fantastic places to explore on a budget. Find a list of five below for inspiration.

1.  Altamaha Regional Park

In Brunswick, you will find a great place to pitch your tent by the Altamaha River. There are plenty of camping spots and hookup spots available, and pets are allowed in the park. There are boat ramps if you would like to go on the water, and you can visit the Golden Isles of Georgia on foot. Go fishing, rent a bike, or simply enjoy the great outdoors and relax close to nature.

2. High Falls State Park

If you are looking for a scenic view and great facilities for your family, as well as hiking trails for every activity level, the High Falls State Park is a good choice. If you would like to save time and energy by not pitching your tent, you might even reserve a yurt to stay comfortable for the night. You can rent boats, try fishing, or try yourself at paddle boating. If you arrive with kids, you can visit the High Falls Water Park nearby, and go hiking on the Dauset Trails.

3.  Cloudland Canyon State Park

Those who love hiking and challenging terrains can visit the Lookout Mountain, and enjoy the beautiful views from high above. You can find cottages at the campsite, as well as tent pitches. As you will be staying in the mountains, it can get cold at night, so make sure that you get insulated professional camping gear. Check out to find the one that is the most suitable for your trip.  

4. Mistletoe State Park

One of the historic sites of Georgia, near Clarks Hill Lake and Augusta, you can enjoy fishing and shaded walkways around this reservoir. There is a sandy beach for the kids to play at, and you can camp on the peninsula having magnificent views of the sun rising and setting over the water. For comfort lovers, log cabins and cottages are available on the camping site.

5. kidaway Island State Park

In the historic region of Savannah, this state park has loads of wilderness to look out for. You can go up the observation tower to spot deer, engage in bird watching, or simply enjoy camping under the stars. There are camper cabins as well as campgrounds with hookups. Enjoy visiting the nature trails and be sure to check out the huge sloth replica. you would like to spend some quality time with your family this summer, why not check out one of these great camping spots and state parks in Georgia? Go fishing, kayaking, explore the historic trails, or connect with nature. Jump on a bike and capture some of the best sceneries in the state.



  1. Oh my gosh! The waterfalls is amazing! Who would not want to visit that place too. I love nature and definitely would include Georgia on my must-visit place. Such a a great way to destress.

  2. Camping is an outdoor adventure I really want to try. Love the scenery of the camping spots in Georgia.

  3. They all sound lovely. Never been to Georgia myself but if I ever do I will have to check these on out!

  4. I’m such a fan of Georgia. We took a trip there not long ago and fell in love.

  5. These are very nice places! I would love to check these out and spend at least a day or two in each spot.

  6. Some of these are really close to me! Georgia is such a beautiful state. I would never leave it!

  7. I would love to visit Georgia one day. You’ve highlighted some places that sound absolutely beautiful. I will keep them in mind.

  8. Georgia is so very beautiful! These would be some amazing places to camp and get into nature for a little bit.

  9. I think Geogia is an awesome place and there’s really so much to love about it. These spots are great for families and it’s definitely perfect for the summer!

  10. With ticks a high concern this year, camping is unfortunately not on our list to do this year. I would love to dop it though when the kids are older.

  11. I haven’t heard of any of these places in Georgia. I did look for a few places in South Georgia, since we live in North Florida. I’ll have to look how far away some of these places are to us.

  12. Georgia is on my bucket list of places to visit. I would love to visit one of these camping grounds.

  13. It is places like this that make me want to be a camper, but we don’t have any equipment. I think Georgia is a great place to visit with some great camping areas.

  14. We have never had the opportunity to visit Georgia. Looks like a beautiful state to visit. We enjoy camping so this is right up what we would plan to do.

  15. What stunning spots! I don’t think I could camp, but I would glamp if that were available. Or I’d just check out the area and go home to my bed.

  16. These sound like beautiful spots and I haven’t been to Georgia but if I am ever able to visit I will make sure and visit some of these spots.

  17. I have not been back to Georgia in so many years. There are so many beautiful spots to check out in that state. These all look like places I need to go to the next time I am in Georgia. They all look beautiful.

  18. I’ll have to check out kidaway island. Sounds fun.

  19. I love outdoor camping. I personally prefer kidaway Island. It’s mesmerizing.

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