Beautiful Ways to Keep Your Home Stylish and Cool in the Heat

Beautiful Ways to Keep Your Home Stylish and Cool in the Heat

When it starts to heat up, it can soon end up feeling uncomfortable at home. An overheated house can lead to poor sleep and a host of other problems, not to mention making it much harder to muster up the enthusiasm and energy to decorate a home. However, there are some simple and effective ways to keep your space feeling welcoming and inviting, while still enjoying the coolness. Read on for some ideas to inspire you.

Opt for lighter textiles to stay cool

There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning in a hot and stuffy bed at night, but thankfully the bed linen you choose can make a real difference to keeping your bedroom feeling a little more comfortable. 

Keep the heavier and thicker fabrics for when it gets a little colder outside. Instead, during warmer periods, natural fabrics such as cotton bed sheets are ideal for helping to make your bed a less stuffy space. You may also want to opt for lighter covers or alternatives to heavy duvets to increase the comfort levels. In addition, make sure that you keep your bed linen clean and replaced weekly, to prevent sweat and unpleasant smells from accumulating, as these can also make your bed feel stuffier and less comfortable to sleep in.

Choose air conditioning and other cooling methods

While keeping windows open or adding fans to a space can help to cool down a room somewhat, in more extreme heatwaves or periods of heat that last a longer time, you may need a little extra help. It’s worthwhile looking into useful air cooling and purifying systems from Action Furnace as these can make a significant difference to the quality of your air at home.

While air conditioners do require regular maintenance, they can create a much more balanced environment overall. If you have sensitivities to allergies in the air, heavy traffic outside or other issues, simply opening a window may not be very effective at all. Instead, with a good filtration system, an air conditioner can keep your home feeling fresh and welcoming.  Click to find out more.

Choose lighter window covers

Curtains are useful for keeping in the warmth when it gets cold outside, as they are great insulators. When it gets hotter, however, those thick and heavy fabric curtains can often make a room feel stuffier and prevent good air circulation. So instead of curtains in hot weather, you may want to look into lighter alternatives such as blinds. You can find many stylish and attractive options, from classic shutter-style designs to contemporary looks that bring a minimalist touch to a room. 

Well designed blinds can be just as effective at blocking out sunlight on a hot day, with the added advantage of being easy to adjust and control the temperature. It’s also a good idea to cover up windows when you’re not at home during the day, as this will prevent rooms from overheating from excess sunshine for hours. 

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