Leaving On A Jet Plane: 5 Travel Gadgets to Pack For Your Next Trip

Leaving On A Jet Plane: 5 Travel Gadgets to Pack For Your Next Trip

Leaving On A Jet Plane: 5 Travel Gadgets to Pack For Your Next Trip

Travel is good for the mind, body, and soul. Taking at least two trips a year can even lower your risk of heart disease.

But before you pack those bags, check out the latest in innovative travel technology. As these gadgets can make your travel plans easier and more convenient.

Read on for the top five travel gadgets to pack for your next trip.

1. Purifying Water Bottle

Unpurified water is home to toxins, metals, and bacteria. Drinking it can cause illness, and also interferes with your body’s hormone production.

A self-purifying water bottle one of the best travel gadgets for outdoor adventure seekers. This way you always have access to uncontaminated water so you won’t get sick on your vacation.

Choose a bottle that includes a travel size purification system so you can make your own safe drinking water from running taps and fresh streams.

The Grayl Ultralight Purifier is one option. It gives you clean water in less than 15 seconds.

Or go with the stylish LARQ bottle. Its cap contains UV technology that purifies the water for you.

2. Wi-Fi on the Go

20% of people have a serious case of wanderlust. Which means they have a deep-rooted desire to travel that gets found in their genes.

These world travelers are digital nomads who likely work while on the road. So they need a reliable and portable wi-fi source as one of their cool travel gadgets.

With Skyroam Solis you can create a hotspot anywhere. It offers an encrypted connection with 4G LTE. As well as global connectivity, providing access in over 130 countries.

The best part is that it also serves as a power bank so you charge for your phone. This is a must for sharing your exciting travels on social media. As well as those who strive to become online influencers by engaging with brands on social media.

3. A Portable Sleeping Environment

Travel is exciting and thrilling, but can also be exhausting. Sometimes all you need is a place to rest your head.

The Ostrich brand offers eye pillows and neck pillows in comfortable designs. As well as a travel pillow that provides full coverage for your entire head. So you can block out the light and noise around you.

These travel accessories are great to use on airplanes to battle jet lag. As they offer a memory foam design with 360-degree neck support. It will leave any jet-setter feeling refreshed and ready for all their adventures.

4. Mini Travel Steamer

This is one of the best travel accessories for females. It helps to remove wrinkles on the go, so your outfit is always perfect. Here are a few more tips for staying stylish while traveling.

The Vornado Travel Steamer packs 42-watts of power. It’s also compact enough to fit right in your suitcase. It only takes 15 seconds to heat up and offers different temperature settings.

5. A Good Pair of Earplugs

This is one of those must-have travel items that will help you catch some zzz’s.

Bose Sleepbuds help you reach a deep sleep, regardless of your surroundings. The design provides a comfortable fit that seals to your ear to cut out any noise.

They feature a list of sleep tracks that play soft white noise. This makes them perfect for a camping trip or staying in loud city hotels. They also have an alarm feature so you can catch the sunrise.

Travel gadgets also double as great useful gift ideas for men. Consider a smart alarm clock that he can use every day as well as take with him on all your adventures together.

Top Travel Gadgets and Essentials for Your Next Trip

These travel gadgets make your life on the go easier, convenient, and more stylish. But let’s not forget the basics…

You’re also going to need to pack hygiene and beauty essentials. Here’s your list of must-haves for staying fresh, clean, and comfortable on your next trip.


  1. This is a great list of must haves for our next trip! We have personal hotspots on our phone already but I would love to get a power bank as well. Having a personal hotspot is convenient but it also drains our battery. I love the idea of having a water puifier on the go. I have two toddler boys and I dont want them to get sick by drinking unpurified water.

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