Causes and Benefits of Crowns and Bridges

Causes and Benefits of Crowns and Bridges

People lose teeth in different ways. However, you do not have to live with missing or damaged teeth forever. Richmond crowns and bridges are a fixed solution to missing teeth. You can get this procedure in a dental clinic, and it will restore your smile. A crown is needed in cases where the tooth is fractured, weakened, or damaged, on the other hand, a bridge is used when your teeth are missing. When the crown is being fitted, the tooth will be reshaped through filing so the crown can fit like a cap. There are different causes of tooth fracture. Below are some of the causes.

Causes of Tooth Fracture

A cracked tooth or tooth fracture can happen naturally, while it occurs due to accidents in other cases. Teeth crack due to the following reasons:

  • Pressure emanating from the teeth grinding.
  • Large tooth filling, hence weakening the tooth.
  • Biting hard foods like nuts, ice, or sugarcane.
  • Injuries that may cause a blow to the mouth like a fall or fistfight.
  • Fractured teeth due to age.

Signs That Require Crown and Bridges

There are various signs that a dentist or orthodontist may find in a patient to instruct for placement of crown and bridges:

  • When experiencing tooth sensitivity upon temperature or bite pressure.
  • Deep tooth decay.
  • If a patient requires treatment for a root canal.
  • If the tooth filling is breaking down.
  • When the tooth is fractured.
  • When there are missing teeth.
  • When a patient wants a dental implant covered.
  • If there is a worn-down tooth that does not function anymore.
  • When a patient who has temporary dentures wants a permanent solution.

Benefits of Crown and Bridges

  • The dental crown protects and restores the tooth structure- If your tooth is weakened, the best protection a specialist can offer is a crown. A dental crown can be placed on a patient whose teeth are weakened by root canal treatment.
  • It restores the beauty of an individual- If you are worried about your smile, look for a specialist to get a crown and bridge placement. It restores the original shape of the tooth. Crowns like ceramic crowns are strong and good-looking. You can also have a color that matches your original teeth, hence, they won’t be identified as artificial.
  • Crowns and bridges will tend to last longer- Among most dental restorations, the crown and bridges tend to last for a longer period. Some may have a lifespan of fifteen years. Crowns and bridges are made from quality and stronger materials.
  • They Restore functionality- With the crown and bridge restoration, you will be able to eat and chew with ease. A bridge will make your speech clearer. When you lose teeth, the clarity of your speech may be affected.
  • Crown and Bridges maintain the shape of the face Your face will have its original face with the teeth equally distributed compared to when you had no teeth.

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With the kind of technology that is available today, you can get any procedure done. It includes restoring your smile that could boost your self-confidence. To avoid further damage to your teeth and gum, you should look for a dental clinic and get the crown and bridges placed. For more information, contact Juan M. Carrillo, DMD, for crown and bridge placement.

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