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Unique Affordable Kids Christmas Gifts Male and Female

Unique Affordable Kids Christmas Gifts Male and Female

If you’re like me, you like to avoid the Black Friday shopping crowds. I would much rather shop in my warm pajamas (it’s raining cats and dogs here on this Black Friday) with a cup of homemade hot cocoa.  Because online shopping is my preferred way to do my Christmas shopping, I create a Christmas Gift Guide every year to direct those of you who feel the same way to the best online sites and products to buy for those on your gift-giving list.  This year, I’ve compiled a list of kids’ toys for different ages to help you spend less time shopping and more time… baking, entertaining, Netflix binging, or whatever it is your heart desires you do.

While I’m focusing on Christmas gifts, each of these products could be given as gifts for any occasion.

For the young artist

Tri Sided Art Center

First up is a quality-made Tri-Sided Art Center.  This art center allows more than 1 child to play with it at a time. It has a 2-sided chalkboard, a magnetic whiteboard, and a felt board activity board, which helps keep kids entertained for hours using their imagination.  One of the things I love about this art center is that I’m able to adjust the height on mine to allow for the younger kids to play or even the older ones.

For the young artist

Provided in each tri-sied art center are the following;

Tri Sided Art Center

  1. -> paper roll
  2. -> three trays for supplies
  3. -> four spill-proof paint cups
  4. -> eraser

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For active toddlers

iPlay, iLearn Bouncy Pals Unicorn Bouncy Horse

Next up is an iPlay, iLearn Bouncy Pals Unicorn Bouncy Horse.  While I’m focusing on the unicorn bouncy horse I bought for a gift, I want to mention that there are different horses for either gender.  These bouncy horse gifts are for kids ages 18 months to 4 years old.

Unique Affordable Kids Christmas Gifts 2022

These bouncy unicorn horses are made with soft plush material and they store flat by deflating the air.  Each horse comes with its own air pump.  It’s easy to use and takes mere minutes.

iPlay, iLearn Bouncy Pals Unicorn Bouncy Horse

One of the things that made me want to buy the unicorn for the kids, despite it being white is because they are washable.  Just remove the outer plush layer and wash.

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Bedtime Security

Bedtime Defenderz - Stuffed Toy

Next on my list is a Bedtime Defenderz which does just that.  The Bedtime Defenderz are here to help make your kid’s bedtime routine fun. They’re on a mission to protect all kids from the “bad guys” when it’s time for lights out.   There are different defenders and they’re all cute as they can be.  Each one comes with a  bedtime story comic book, power band slap bracelet, and glow-in-the-dark belt buckle.

Bedtime Defenderz - Stuffed Toy

If you’re looking for a way to make bedtime routines run easier, head on over to make your purchase.

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For the racing fans

Disney Pixar Cars Neon Nights Electric Slot Car Racing

My dad was a race car driver up until my young adult years so we spent a lot of weekends at the race track.  When I had my son, I knew I wanted to introduce him to racing through toys.  When I saw the Disney Pixar Cars Neon Nights Electric Slot Car Racing on Amazon, I knew I had to get one this year.  Even though my kids are grown, I now have grandkids and I love to pass along my memories from my own childhood.

Disney Pixar Cars Neon Nights Electric Slot Car Racing

This racetrack set is for kids 6 years and older.  What I found incredible about it is that it reaches speeds of 370 mph over the 17-foot of the race track. These sets include features such as a loop, a flyover, a narrow section, and a junction and provide hours of imaginative play for your little racer fans.

Each Toy Race Track Set Includes 2 Controllers and 2 Cars ( Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm) in 1:43 Scale.

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*Amazon affiliate links included.  If you make a purchase using my links, I make a small commission off of each sale at no additional cost to you.

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