Chef Woo Organic Plant Based Protein Ramen

Easter is headed our way and I know many of you will be busy entertaining.  If you’re looking for a quick ready-made meal idea, keep reading to learn more.


This is the time of year when most parents are struggling to find new ideas for after-school snacks for picky eaters.  Is it just here or do all households have at least one picky eater?  I’ve tried everything from lemon crumb muffins (absolutely scrumptious) to making my own fruit juice popsicles. However, fixing the same old snacks day after day or week after week gets boring.

Not only is it difficult to come up with snacks that the kids haven’t had yet but now that the day is longer, the kids have more school/sports activities.  So fast snacks are my favorite at the moment.

Finding snacks the kids all like is only half the battle.  Finding a store nearby where I shop already to buy them is the other problem.

Walmart once again has come to my rescue with their Chef Woo organic plant-based protein ramen.

Chef Woo Organic Plant Based Protein Ramen

Chef Woo instant ramen is perfect for busy days when we’re on the go. Anyone who’s ever enjoyed the ease of a quick healthy snack usually enjoys it this way.

It’s our go-to camping meal as well. TBH the reason I started associating instant ramen and camping was after watching one of my favorite YouTube van lifers making it with a kettle of water from her fire.

Not only are ramen noodles great for quick snacks, but we also enjoy it with our different spins on it on nights when we’re staying home and have the extra time to get creative. Plus it’s easy enough for the older kids to make to put their own little spin on it while I’m busy with other activities.

What’s so great about Chef Woo Ramen?
  • 100% plant-based Vegan instant ramen for all health nuts!
  • Packed with 20g of protein
  • No added MSG or additives, and no palm oil
  • Four delicious flavors to choose from: Thai Lemongrass, Roasted Chicken, Braised Beef, Sweet Chilli Togarashi
  • Made in the USA
The next time you’re shopping at Walmart be sure to pick up a dozen or so cups of roasted chicken or braised beef.

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