Protect Your Property: Valuable Tips for All Homeowners

Protect Your Property: Valuable Tips for All Homeowners

Your home is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make, and so it’s absolutely vital that you keep it protected. If you’re a new homeowner and are considering how to keep your home safe and ensure it stays well looked after, here are some important things to consider. 

Get the right insurance

Insurance is so important as a homeowner. Not only will you need to insure the contents, but the actual building itself. Otherwise, if anything happens to it such as a fire, flood, vandalism or any kind of collapse then you will lose all of the money you’ve spent on your precious purchase. Read the fine print and carefully select your building and contents insurance so you know that if the worst were to ever happen, you would be covered. 

Undertake regular maintenance

Properties require regular maintenance. Keeping everything in order is crucial as a homeowner, this includes everything from checking roof tiles after a storm, cleaning gutters twice a year, insulating pipes and much more. You should have jobs that you do each month and others that need doing every season or once a year. 

Weather proof it

Depending on where you live, you might need to look into weatherproofing your home. This could be impact windows if you live in a hurricane prone area, to earthquake proofing your interiors by securing large furniture onto the walls. If you live in a flood zone, you may need to look into flood barriers and other options to keep water out during the wettest months of the year.

Keep an eye out for pests

Pests can wreak havoc on your property. From termites which can eat away at structural walls and joists, to rodents which can chew through electrical cables and even pests like beetles which can cause damage to carpets and interiors. Keep a look out for pest activity, this can look like droppings, dead insects or gnaw marks/ holes in floors and walls. Any suspicious signs, call out a pest control company as quickly as possible. Pests reproduce quickly so the faster you can have them taken care of, the better. 

Protect from burglars

Another damaging pest to keep out of your home is burglars. Keep your property, contents and family protected by installing CCTV systems, a burglar alarm and good quality locks on the doors. Utilise smart home technology such as have lights come on automatically at certain times when you’re not at home so that passing criminals don’t notice it’s unoccupied and take a chance. Dogs are also great deterrents, while a dog is a big responsibility, if you want to add a pet to your life then a dog that barks at the door will certainly put off potential thieves.

What steps have you taken to ensure that your property remains safe and secure? 

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