Choosing the right mattress for your back

Choosing the right mattress for your back

We spend a good part of our lives sleeping. It is an important process allowing our body to rest and recuperate. Yet, strangely enough, we don’t pay much attention to it. We simply go to bed after a hard workday and that’s that.

Similar goes for mattresses. Instead of choosing the right mattress for our back, we will go to the first shop and pick whatever. This is likely due to the fact that mattresses are purely functional items, not esthetic and as such, they don’t affect the interior design of our home. In comparison to some other pieces of furniture, we tend to spend less time exploring the mattress market.

Unfortunately, this is a big mistake. A proper mattress can literally save your back. These products are meant to last for a long time so make sure to pick the one that your back will appreciate.

This mattress review by will help you do just that!

Types of mattresses

There are so many different mattresses to choose from and each one of them has distinctly different features. Materials used, quality, longevity, and price are all factors that you have to consider during a purchase. Ideally, you will buy something that will last for a long time and at the same time, provide enough support to your lumbar area.

Keep in mind that mattress purchase is something you shouldn’t skim on so make sure to go all out!

Innerspring mattress

Spring-based mattresses are considered one of the oldest product types. They have been around for a while before we started using gels and other comfortable materials.

 There are two basic products to choose from: mattresses with springs that move together and mattresses with springs that move individually. Generally speaking, if every spring moves for itself, a mattress will be able to provide more support as it will change according to a body.

Have in mind that spring-based mattresses are among the cheaper options. They have fallen out of favor in the last few decades due to the development of other products. Still, they are rather cheap and can work well for hotels and guest rooms.

Memory foam mattress

If you’re suffering from back issues, this is perhaps the best item you can buy.

It helps align your spine making it ideal for people who suffered an injury, who have a back condition, or are genetically predisposed to develop one. The product is also great for its other features – most of them have anti-allergic properties which can be amazing for kids and sensitive people.

Unfortunately, the foam tends to warm rather quickly and the feeling may be awkward in the beginning. Nevertheless, it is one of the better options on this list.

Latex mattress

Latex items are another popular group of products.

They are made from plants or petroleum materials and can have a great effect on your back. These mattresses are able to “breathe” which means there won’t be so much heating during the night. Latex might feel a bit firm at first but people get used to it over time.

Price can be a big factor here as cheaper items tend to develop lumps or dents over time affecting your overall experience. Keep in mind that like other modern items, these ones also have anti-allergic properties.


Basically, you can make these products from almost anything.

Airbeds and waterbeds definitely fit that description. Airbeds are great as they allow you to adjust firmness. As such, they can be a great solution for people who are needy in terms of softness. The mattress has numerous air chambers that make your sleep a real treat.

Waterbeds come in two forms: hard-sided and soft-sided. A hard-sided waterbed has a chamber within its wooden frame. On the other side, a soft-sided waterbed has it in a rectangular frame of rigid foam. While these products may feel gimmicky, they definitely offer something new to consumers.

Gel mattress

As the name suggests, these products have a gel inside of the upholstery. They can vary in terms of heat and comfort.

Last thoughts

Even if you learn everything there is about mattresses, the old rule remains: “try before buying”.  Or, even reading guides on Top Mattresses for Back Sleepers – Guide & Overview – that way you can get a better knowledge on which type of mattress works best for you, especially if you sleep on your back.

It is crucial that you test out the mattress prior to purchase as this is one of the best ways of telling whether it’s the right fit for your back. Keep in mind that the same model can have numerous similar forms so ask shop clerks about specifics or whether they have a mattress that is a bit softer/firmer if you already like that particular type of product.

Choosing the right mattress for your back


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