Cold or Hot Coffee, You Can Have it Both Ways

Cold or Hot Coffee, You Can Have it Both Ways

I love coffee to the point that I can’t imagine a day without it. When I wake up, I stumble to the kitchen to make a cup. Making coffee is the first thing I do every day and the last thing I do every night. When it comes to coffee, I’m not that particular on how it’s made. I love coffee in my Keurig and I love coffee equally from my Ninja Coffee Bar. I just love coffee period.

Cold or Hot Coffee, You Can Have it Both Ways

It wasn’t until recently that I really got into cold brew coffee. For some reason, I didn’t believe I would get the full flavor of coffee if it was poured over ice instead of brewed. But that all changed when the hurricane hit our area. And that’s when I really gave it a chance to impress me. We were without electricity for quite a while and even though I drug out my large cast iron pot, lined it with tin foil, filled it with charcoal and heated water for it that way, that wasn’t always feasible because after a few days of cooking and making hot water, our charcoal ran out. Stores were closed due to no electricity. My saving grace was that I had received some JAVA HOUSEĀ® cold brew pods to review. What’s different about these pods versus K-Cups, is that they are in liquid form.

Cold or Hot Coffee, You Can Have it Both Ways

I had been looking at it without really looking at it if you know what I mean. Out of desperation for my morning cup of coffee, I decided, what the heck and I poured one of the pods into a glass of ice water, with a little sweet n low and that is when life changed for me. I can now enjoy coffee hot or cold with the realization that I’m getting my fresh brewed flavor, either way. I now enjoy a nice cold cup of cold brew coffee, in the afternoon when I enjoy my outdoor time of letting my little dog Peanut, out to play. I look forward to my relaxing time and enjoy my cold coffee.

I had bought an outdoor grill a few years back and even though I had only used it one time, I knew it was just too big for me to manage being a single parent. I gave it away and didn’t look back. Since the hurricane, I’ve decided I do need a grill for times like this, or at the very least, an outdoor camping stove, or both. I will be fully prepared if tragedy strikes again and you can bet I will be stocked up to the max on cold brew coffee. It’s refreshing served cold, in ways I didn’t expect it to be. I’ve always loved cold ice tea so I don’t know why I was so stubborn about cold coffee, but not any longer.

Cold or Hot Coffee, You Can Have it Both Ways

If you haven’t tried cold brew coffee, I challenge you to try it. Head on over to JAVA HOUSEĀ® to buy your favorite flavors. Available in pods, bottles, and concentrate.

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