We Like it Cold: Why Cold Brew is Preferred by Many

We Like it Cold: Why Cold Brew is Preferred by Many

Coffee has become part of everyone’s daily life. In fact, the culture of coffee drinking has seeped into a segment of society that does not actually care about javas and expressos before. But the way coffee companies have changed the image of drinking coffee from something exclusively done by working people versus coffee drinking as a lifestyle now.

So every morning, you see long lines in different coffee shops, getting their usual dose of a hot cuppa. However, as more and more people are drinking coffee, a whole new trend is starting to come up. It began with people preferring iced versions of their drinks rather than just the hot brew. Then, comes the cold brew revolution.

That’s right, a lot of coffee shops have started offering cold brew bottles to their customers. Each one’s selling points is the kind of coffee grounds used and the steeping time. But why did cold brew suddenly become popular? From how it is made and the health benefits that come with drinking cold brew, it is surprising it was not popular before.

The science behind making cold brew

Let us talk about the first obvious difference between hot and cold brews: the temperature. Science tells us that more heat means faster oxidation. And it is this process that affects the flavor, aroma, and acidity of coffee. When we make cold brew, that oxidation process is much slower, which in turn makes the coffee less acidic and sweeter to the taste.

The flavors and acids of coffee are usually extracted at a temperature of about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is what brings out that amazing coffee aroma we have come to love, but this is also why hot coffee is more bitter than cold brew. Additionally, this also makes the coffee more volatile, which is why coffee that has been sitting for a long time tastes much worse.

The process of making cold brew

Obviously, in this process, we make use of time rather than heat to “cook” the coffee. For this, your delicious Nespresso coffee capsules can take a sidestep for a bit and make way for this easy cold brew process.

  • The first thing you need to do is make sure your coffee grounds are coarse. Think of bread crumbs when you are trying to check, any finer than that will make your coffee cloudy.
  • Then, using a sterilized mason jar, put the grounds at the bottom and pour water. Ideally, the measurement is 1:8 coffee-to-water ratio.
  • Stir the mixture, close the lid tightly, and then leave it to steep for a minimum of 18 hours to a maximum of 24 hours. You may choose whether to steep inside the fridge or not.
  • After steeping, strain the coffee into a large bowl to separate the coffee grounds from the coffee. And then, using muslin sheets or paper towels, strain it back into the jar. Repeat this process until the dark residue is gone. If you see that it is not going away after a few strains, it just means it was ground too fine.

Now all you need to do it serve it! Prepare milk or sugar if some people still prefer pouring those over. But cold brew is usually smoother and sweeter to the taste already.

We Like it Cold: Why Cold Brew is Preferred by Many

The main health benefits of cold brew coffee

Obviously, cold brew reduces the acid extracted from coffee. This benefits your gastrointestinal health and your teeth! Note that our body requires balanced acidity and alkalinity. In the event that there is an unbalance, it would be better if there is more alkaline than acid. Since the food and drinks, we ingest change our pH levels, hot coffee, and too much of it, causes an unbalance that increases acidity. This is why some people feel discomfort in their stomach — or what is called acid reflux.


  1. I love cold brew! I’m glad to know the science behind it. You article is having some amazing facts that I was unaware of. Thanks for sharing such deep information regarding cold brew.

  2. I do like cold brew, but I actually prefer hot coffee. I guess I’m just set in my ways. Haha!

  3. Until recently I never knew what cold brew coffee was, but ever since I tried it, it has been a favorite of mine. The taste is so much bolder and delicious to me.

  4. After working in a coffee shop I knew the difference between the brews. I much prefer a cold brew!

  5. I don’t drink tea or coffee but if I did I don’t think I could ever drink it cold! To me they are hot drinks, Im not a fan of anything cold!

  6. I never New about the benifits of cold brew coffee interesting to learn its better for you. I love iced coffee in the summers but may start drinking more of it

  7. I definitely prefer cold brew!! I like to mix it on my protein shakes.

  8. Ann F. Snook-Moreau

    I find the brewing process for cold brew so interesting! I have always preferred cold/iced coffee so I’m glad this took off as a trend. I also suffer a lot of stomach discomfort when I drink coffee, so it’s good to know this is helpful for that!

  9. I gave up coffee long ago, after being pregnant with my first child I couldn’t stand the smell of coffee and still to this day it bother me, however, I think I would be inclined to try cold brew coffee.

  10. Love the science behind cold brew. I didn’t know it was less acidic and also sweeter. I am more of a hot beverage type of person, even in the Hot Texas Summer (I’m crazy!) but after reading this info packed article, I may just have to give cold brew a try.

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