Stop Skipping the Dentist!

You can feel sorry for dentists because nobody likes to see them. The teeth are the one area of the body that everybody dreads going to get cleaned or looked after, because having anybody put pressure on or touch your teeth can feel horrifying. Dental fear is a legitimate fear and yet we still need to go. It may feel easy just to continue canceling the dental appointments and rearranging them for another few weeks and another few weeks, but all you’re doing is a disservice to yourself.

Skipping the dentist is a great way to make sure that your oral health is not well looked after says Blue Star Dental Group.  Your oral health should be looked after because it’s your teeth, your mouth and your ability to kiss, bite, smile and speak without anybody turning away. Whether you book your appointment via or you go into a dentist and ask for an appointment ASAP, you shouldn’t be skipping out on it! So, here are all of the reasons you have to STOP skipping your dental appointments below:

  • You’re going to miss out on any nasties in your mouth. Cavities, development of plaque, tartar, development, age-related dental conditions, gum disease, cancer – you name it, the mouth can host it. If you are not going to see your dentist regularly or on time, you are going to miss out on spotting any of these issues and that is going to be an issue in itself. You should be at the dentist every six months to detect any issues so that you can get the correct dental treatment to keep your teeth and gums in tip top shape.
  • Your mouth will be cleaner. Without regular dental checkups, you are not going to be able to tell whether you’re twice a day brushing and flossing is actually working. Your dentist will be able to tell you whether or not your teeth are clean, whether they are healthy, and then you’ll be able to reflect that with cleaner gums and much whiter teeth. A clean and polish can create whiter and brighter teeth, and that’s exactly what you need.
  • Catching issues with your age. Age related dental issues are very real. Loose teeth or receding gums can make your mouth more vulnerable to damage and this can develop into more serious issues such as gingivitis or periodontitis. If you ignore infections or you are ignoring pain or redness, you’re going to feel that when it comes back to bite you later. No pun intended.
  • Identifying conditions that could harm you. Have you got your wisdom teeth just yet? If not, your dentist will be able to tell you if there are any growing through.Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a lot of pain and damage in your mouth. If you’re not going to the dentist, you won’t be able to determine whether your wisdom teeth are coming through, if you are dealing with a temporary mandibular joint dysfunction, or whether you have any cysts or abscesses forming on your gums. Your dentist can use digital X-rays and offer you the necessary treatments to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy.
  • Making sure your oral habits are healthy. Dentists are able to talk you through what you should be doing to improve the health in your mouth. From dropping nicotine addictions to stopping alcohol consumption, they’ll be able to tell you whether or not what you are doing now is good or bad.You need to make sure that you are following their advice diligently because the dentist is going to help you to keep yourself healthy and you need that.
  • That smile will be bigger than ever. If you skip the dentist, your smile is going to suck, your teeth will be stained, the plaque build up will be obvious, and nobody’s going to want you to smile because your breath is going to smell. If you are going to the dentist, however, you can avoid that and keep your smile a winner.
  • Referrals. Are you worried about crooked teeth? You need to see a dentist so that they can refer you to an orthodontist or an oral surgeon. But the best thing that you can do is speak to the dentist as soon as you can and don’t skip out your next appointment time. 

You may not like going to the dentist, but it is super worth it. So make sure that you have put in your appointment for six months time and for the further six months beyond that. 

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