Preventing Your Dental Anxiety Before Your Endodontic Re-Treatment Procedure

Preventing Your Dental Anxiety Before Your Endodontic Re-Treatment Procedure

Whether you are going for a Brooklyn endodontic re-treatment due to an infected or damaged tooth, planning for your visit can be a daunting task. You may have heard rumors going around about root canals at Brooklyn City Dental being a painful procedure. However, contrary to most people’s misconceptions, endodontic re-treatment should be pain-free and nothing to cause you dental anxiety. If you are looking to get the best patient experience that guarantees healthy oral health, try out the following tips:

Preparing for your root canal therapy

A root canal is a procedure meant to reduce pain, improve the health of your tooth, and prevent you from undergoing a tooth extraction process. It is vital to know how the procedure works before booking an appointment so that you know how to properly prepare.

  1. Stay away from alcohol or tobacco for at least a day before the root canal

Alcohol and tobacco can interfere with blood circulation in your gums. If you take either or both of them 24 hours before your root canal treatment, the local anesthesia may induce adverse reactions.

  1. Do your due diligence by asking questions

Gone are the days when your dentist performed a procedure without telling you about what is involved. These days, your dentist will inform you about the dos and don’ts so that the procedure becomes successful. As you listen to your dentist, always ask questions about what you do not understand. It would also be best to research your dentist’s qualifications to know if you are in the right hands.

  1. Eating before your procedure is allowed

Root canal therapy starts with administering local anesthesia to numb your mouth. Eating afterward might be difficult. Unless your dentist advises you against eating a couple of hours before your procedure, you can go ahead with it.

  1. Your doctor may prescribe a painkiller before your treatment

As is expected, a root canal involves minor injections which may cause pain and discomfort. Expect your dentist to prescribe a pain killer to reduce inflammation that may occur.

  1. Ensure you have plenty of sleep the night before and after your treatment

Did you know that your cells for healing work better when you are asleep? As nervous as you may be, ensure you get plenty of sleep on the night before and after your treatment. If you are unable to sleep well afterward due to pain or discomfort, call your dentist immediately.

You do not have to stress over root canal therapy

Forget about the rumors about root canal treatment you have heard over the years. The more optimistic you are about recovering from a toothache or damage, the better your chances of warming up for a root canal. If it helps, choose a dentist who offers an exceptional patient experience.

The best person who can refer you to a good endodontist is your general dentist. Do not ignore an expert opinion from someone who knows about your oral health in and out. Call your endodontist today to find out if you are eligible for endodontic re-treatment.

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