Chores You Should Do Before Summer

Chores You Should Do Before Summer

We are a matter of weeks away from the summer, which means that not only will the kids be out of school and under your feet, you need to get your house ready. You wouldn’t think that you need to change your house too much season to season, but when the hot weather is creeping in there are things that you need to do to make sure that your home can cope.

The summer is the time of transition, which means that you need to get your home ready to experience the warmth of the outside on the inside. From ensuring that you have booked your AC repair to ensure that you have changed up your curtains to the lighter that you have kept hidden away, there are a lot of ways that you can make sure that you have a house that’s summer-ready. It means that the time is now for breaking out the chore list and ticking them off as you go. Here are some of the chores that you should do before summer hits

Chores You Should Do Before Summer

  • Have a clear-out. Whether you hire a cleaner, or you declutter the space yourself, get into your pantry and your kitchen cupboards and have a clear-out. You need to go through everything to make sure that the stock you’ve had over the winter is still in date from the jars and the tins to the packets. There’s nothing worse than reaching in for a last-minute summer lazy meal only to find half your food has expired. Have the kitchen clear out now and you won’t have to worry about it when the kids break out from school.
  • Swap out the winter linens for the summer ones. It’s time to change the bedding on the bed to something lighter; sheets instead of duvets, for example. Hang the light curtains and get rid of the rugs on the tiled floor. The goal here is to make your home cool and breezy this summer, and you can’t really do that when there are thick rugs everywhere. Make sure that you get the correct packaging for storage so that your curtains and your rugs don’t mold over the summer months.
  • Conduct a home energy assessment. One of the best things that you can do is ensure that your home is not leaking energy from multiple places before the summer hits. The chances are you are going to be cranking up the a.c. and running the sprinklers a lot more through the summer, so if you do an energy efficiency assessment now, you can balance your books and work out your budget in good time.
  • Deep clean the patio. Throwing open the backyard doors and spending more time outside on the deck is one of the best things about the summer months. The problem is that the winter can kick up a lot of mud and mess and have that ingrained into your decking. Break out the pressure washer and give everything a thorough cleaning ready for you to be able to enjoy it for the summer.

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