EveryPlate I Found An Affordable Home Delivery Meal Service

EveryPlate Affordable Home Delivery Meals

I received a complimentary meal box (thank you EveryPlate) for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% mine. Use PROMO CODE TERRI50 FOR 50% OFF OF YOUR FIRST ORDER.

Would you consider having your meals home delivered if you knew that each plate would run you only $4.99 a meal? That’s a question I recently answered when I decided to try EveryPlate Home Delivery meals. I’m not a stranger to meal home delivery services, however, I am a stranger to the low price of this meal service. In fact, this is the first truly affordable meal service I’ve come across. I’ve used home delivery services often due to my back issues. Shopping with full-blown chronic pain has its limits as you can imagine. Because EveryPlate is affordable no matter what your income range is, I want to share my experience with you, as I experience it. You’ll see more posts in the coming days as I dive into my meals and create meals that I picked out specifically for my taste buds. They offer 5 meals a week to choose from which is perfect because that gives us all a choice on what we want.

EveryPlate sent everything I’d need to create my meals. Every single thing. I didn’t have to go out and buy anything extra so my $4.99 a meal remains just that. You can’t even go out to eat for less than $5.00 a plate and the best thing of all is that everything arrived chilled and fresh and I know what’s going into each meal. There’s nothing hidden in the meals. What I do see is a lot of green and healthy vegetables.

My meals include (1) Three Cheese Cavatappi, (2) Steak, and Potatoes and (3) Cheesy Beef-Stuffed Peppers. I selected 2 servings for each but there are more options for families (I’m an empty nester except for the grandkids who still think it’s cool to hang out with grandma). When I know I’m going to have the grandkids I’ll be able to order 4 servings of each meal. Everything arrived in a recyclable box (I love this company already) with plenty of ice packs to keep everything nice and crips. Want to see what I picked out?

EveryPlate I Found An Affordable Home Delivery Meal Service

EveryPlate I Found An Affordable Home Delivery Meal Service

EveryPlate I Found An Affordable Home Delivery Meal Service

Each meal comes with printed recipe cards and instructions. They come in a large size with large print that’s easy to read and follow along.

EveryPlate I Found An Affordable Home Delivery Meal Service

I will show you more of the goods when I cook my meals. But below is a little peek. I have to say that finding this meal delivery service couldn’t have come at a better time. As you all know, I live with chronic back pain. I can’t remember the last day when we didn’t have rain (rain pain). Going shopping on days like this is next to impossible when it requires getting dressed and driving. I’m sure you’ll see a lot more from me about this company in the coming months so be sure to sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already. And be watching for my meal posts. I’m not sure which one I will prepare tonight but I am sure that it will be a delight to make and eat.

EveryPlate I Found An Affordable Home Delivery Meal Service

If you want a HALF off promo code (uh.. heck yeah) for your first order, head on over to EveryPlate to SELECT YOUR PLAN and use promo code TERRI50 at checkout (excluding shipping).


  1. My experience with EveryPlate was not that good. Glad to hear it’s worked for others.

  2. I love these meal delivery companies so much although I would love them more if they could have a large family box. With myself and 5 kids, I am not sure the biggest box would be enough although I would be willing to try it once! Life is busy and anything that can help make life a little easier gets a thumbs up in my eyes

  3. I have heard about this sort of a plan. I was always interested in them as it sounds like such a cool service and cooking at home is always better. I will have to try this out.

  4. Wow! I’ve heard of services like this but never actually heard someone’s experience. So much better than buying a meal, and saves you from an unnecessary trip to the store. Sounds awesome.

  5. Affordable price, healthy and all look delicious! Delivery service is a great choice for busy moms.

  6. This just reminds me of UberEats, what we use over here to getting food deliveries. I found such very convenient especially on lazy or busy days. Anyway, here it’s more of junks but I’m glad that Everyplate got you such healthy ingredients for such a great dish.

  7. when I am exhausted, I am too lazy to go for a grocery shopping. Now, shopping for ingredients wont take time for me to travel and wait in line to check out. I just have to grab my phone, order and they ship it. Cool huh.

  8. Meal delivery services are great for busy people. It is great that EveryPlate sends cards with related ingredients. Great…

  9. This looks so delicious and I love meal delivery services. It’s so helpful when you’re super busy or have a new baby like we do. I’m definitely going to try this out.

  10. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    I’ve never tried using meal delivery services before but that sounds great. I’d love to try that cheesy beef-stuffed peppers.

  11. I love the cards they send with the ingredients. And that everything arrived chilled is awesome. And no you can’t eat healthy for $5.00 in the Unite States.

  12. This is the current trend. People don’t have to go shopping for fresh goods. Order, check out and items will be delivered at your doorstep. Less hassle for everyone.

  13. Wow, its a great idea for working women, for people who live alone and a very low-priced treat for others who just want a day off from cooking. Keep it Up…

  14. I’m single and I’m really busy, so I tried this for a month to see if this is something that could make my life easier. And I loved it! For a time. But it gets old after a couple of months so I stopped. I still go for the home cooked meals. Those prepared with love and little bit of grumble. Yummy! hahaha

  15. Ohh now this is really interesting, I would love to get something like this but I have to admit I always find them so expensive, so I’ll have to have a little look into this one and see if they can deliver this way!

  16. Brittany Vantrease

    Those look absolutely delicious! It would be nice to cook something a little different every once in a while.

  17. I love meal boxes. I love learning new recipes and eating different food.

  18. These are some amazing dishes. would love to make all of them, Thanks for the recipe.

  19. wow so many good options I love cooking and shopping for my food but delivery could be a great option too. All the selections look tasty and well balanced meals.

  20. I love these dishes! My problem with a lot of these services is that they don’t offer the sort of foods that I am comfortable eating. I would dig into all three of these though.

  21. Wow, do those meals look tasty.But I am vegetarian, so I don’t think I can have any of these. But I do enjoy if meal delivery services make great foods. And by the prices I look at it, it is affordable.

  22. Wow do those meals look TASTY!! I have done a few meal services before – and I haven’t liked them all that’s for sure!

  23. I always enjoy trying meal delivery services. Seems like there is a new one popping up all the time, but they can get pricey. It’s nice to see the Every Plate offers a more affordable option.

  24. I have never to use a meal delivery but it looks like a great service to use most especially to all busy working mom out there.

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