Types of Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

Types of Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

There are a number of facial plastic surgery procedures that you can get if you want to modify your appearance. A board-certified San Francisco facial plastic surgeon should be the one performing the procedures.

You can pretty much get any aspect of your facial structure modified using plastic surgery. The following are various types of facial plastic surgery procedures:

Brow Lift

As the name suggests, this is a surgical procedure meant to raise your eyebrow. A brow lift can also be used to lift your forehead.

Many people have drooping eyebrows that look abnormal and can be surgically fixed. Drooping eyebrows and forehead are usually signs of aging.

Chin Implants

You may also have a chin that is weak or undeveloped. Such a chin can significantly ruin your facial balance and symmetry.

The chin implant is made to feel as natural as possible. Extremely minute incisions are made and when well concealed you can hardly notice a chin implant.

Ear Pinning

Some people have earlobes that protrude too far or are too pronounced, making their heads look abnormal. You can rectify with a procedure known as ear pinning or otoplasty.

An otoplasty involves the surgeon making tiny creases behind the ear and then pinning them back. Patients usually recover from ear pinning in a week or two.

Eyelid Surgery

Heavy, tired, or drooping eyelids are a surefire sign of aging. However, you can get such symptoms of aging removed using eyelid surgery. The procedure involves making razor-thin incisions in your eyelids which will not be noticed when they heal.

Eyelid surgery can be used to correct either a droopy upper eyelid or a heavy lower eyelid. Eyelid surgery is often conducted as an outpatient procedure.


Facelifts are another type of facial plastic surgery procedure meant to reduce the signs of aging on the skin. All the sagging tissue in the face is raised during a facelift.

A facelift procedure will take several hours and requires the use of anesthesia. On the other hand, the result is a natural-looking, younger face that will last for years to come. 


Rhinoplasty is a facial plastic surgery procedure that reshapes the nose and addresses structural deformities. It is also known as cosmetic nasal surgery or a nose job.

You may have to undergo a revision rhinoplasty if your first procedure does not have the desired results. In some cases, it will take longer and be more intensive than the original procedure.

Rhinoplasty or a nose job will definitely improve your facial appearance. However, the benefit of your respiratory system may be more valuable.

Facial Reconstruction

Some facial damage is so extensive that it needs to be entirely reconstructed. Such cases include fire burns, acid burns, or large cuts.

Facial reconstructions can also be done if there is extensive facial scarring. In addition to improving your appearance, it will also significantly improve your confidence.

Facial reconstructive surgery will take the form your face needs and is one of the most comprehensive procedures on this list.


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