Maintaining Your Wellbeing Each Morning – A Simple Guide

Maintaining Your Wellbeing Each Morning - A Simple Guide

While it’s still more than possible to recover from a less-than-energetic morning, often the way we begin our day is the way the day goes. In other words, the momentum for how we feel through most of the day, how stable our emotions are, and how refreshed our perspective is, will often be determined by the decisions we make when waking up.

Of course, how we wake up is entirely dependent on how we sleep, as anyone that has tried to rush into work despite having suffered limited hours of REM sleep will understand. So – if it’s possible to wake up each morning feeling totally out of it, surely it’s possible to wake up feeling great, too? We believe it is!

For maintaining your wellbeing each morning, consider the following tips:

Keep It Regular

It’s helpful and healthy to have a regular routine in life, even if you’re something of an artistic maverick. That’s because we only have so much energy to spend each day, and if you’re constantly having to balance your schedule anew, we tend to invest our focus on that and not the actual substance of our days. So, waknig up at the same time after going to bed at the same time, at least as much as we can, lets us get deeper sleep and wake up more rested.

Enjoy Fresh Air & Hydration

If you can, getting sunlight, fresh air and water is better than almost anything else for waking up right. Taking your dog for a quick walk, relaxing with a mug of tea or coffee in your garden, or performing a few quick stretches can be a fantastic place to start. This gently greets you into the day, without necessarily immediately looking at a screen or feeling pulled by the rush of the morning.

Have Good Morning Grooming Habits

Not everyone showers in the morning and that’s fine, but having a hygienic routine can be very helpful. That might mean practicing your skincare, brushing and flossing your teeth, using a CBD roll on for pain you may be experiencing, eating a small but nutritious breakfast, and taking supplements like VItamin D. All of this combines to help you optimize your health and feel more awake.

Give Yourself Time

No one thrives when waking up and being thrown into action so as to avoid being late for school or work. We all need a little more time to decompress, even if you don’t wake up hours before work. For example, just having ten minutes by which you can sit down, read an article or two, have enough time to get your children ready for school, or simply enjoy a ten minute yoga routine, you can benefit from those influences for the rest of the day. It’s hard to feel anything other than comfort from that effort, because you’ve given yourself time to greet the day on your own terms.

With this advice, you’ll be certain to maintain your wellbeing each morning, in the best possible context.

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