Exceptional Dental Care with Root Canal Specialists in New York

Exceptional Dental Care with Root Canal Specialists in New York

Getting a dentist to drill into your teeth and extract the soft tissue found inside may sound a bit scary or intimidating. However, it’s quite simple and far much more comfortable than putting up with an infected, inflamed, or dead tooth. At East Village Dental Center, the expert team of dental specialists often perform root canals in East Village and the greater New York City. This procedure saves the patient the debilitating pain and eventual loss of a tooth. To determine if you are the right candidate for a root canal, book an appointment today through mobile or go online.

What Are Root Canals? 

A root canal is a common dental practice known for its reputation of inflicting anxiety and nervousness when making an appointment with the dentist. But the truth is that this fear is baseless. The root canal procedure currently, for instance, offered by East Village Dental Center is as comfortable and tolerable as getting a root cavity filling. Typically, it does better in preventing the pain than triggering it.

During your appointment, your provider extracts the soft inner tissue found in your tooth, referred to as the pulp, if it becomes infected, inflamed, or dead. Your specialists begin by taking x-ray images of your affected tooth to visualize the extent of damage from the inside. They then numb the tooth’s surrounding area and drill a hole into its surface to reach the pulp.

Your dentist utilizes small specialized tools to extract the affected tissue through the hole and uses a microscope to ensure that no infected tissues are left behind. After which, he or she cleans your tooth’s inside before filling it with a soft material known as the gutta-percha to avoid infections and any other complications.

Who Is the Right Candidate for A Root Canal?

If you need a root canal, it’s nearly impossible or difficult to assume the alarming signs that your infected tooth is throwing your way. The most prevalent signs and symptoms of an inflamed or infected pulp that necessitates a root canal include sensitivity to hot and cold, pimples in the gums, bleeding around the gums, dark-colored gums, pain when chewing, pus oozing from the gums, and red, inflamed gums.

Inflammation inside the tooth that necessitates a root canal mainly results from tooth trauma or injury. Extensively cracked or chipped teeth or teeth subjected to high-impact without any noticeable external damage are at greater risk of requiring a root canal because there is a high likelihood that the pulp is damaged.

How Much Recovery Time Does One Need Following A Root Canal?

Once every trace of the infected pulp is extracted from your tooth, you will not experience any more pain resulting from the inflammation or infection. Some patients report some level of discomfort once the local anesthesia fades. Nonetheless, one is free to take non-prescription pain relievers once your mouth begins to heal.

Your dental specialists might also encourage you to avoid eating crunchy foods for some days after your procedure, after which you are free to use your tooth normally. The good thing about a root canal is that it’s done only once for a single tooth.

In conclusion, East Village Dental Center is a cutting-edge dental practice offering safe and effective root canal procedures. If you realize any signs of a dead or infected tooth, request an appointment with their office through mobile or book online.

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