What Your Teeth Say About You

What Your Teeth Say About You

Most days, we don’t think much about our teeth. However, they still form an integral part of our bodies and health

Like the skin, the teeth are a window into how our bodies function. These little pieces of enamel can provide a window into what’s going on inside without having to take a blood test. 

So, what are your teeth saying about you? Let’s take a look. 

They Tell A Story About Your Underlying Health

Your teeth often tell a story about underlying health conditions, such as diabetes or eating disorders. A dentist can often look inside your mouth and know immediately what conditions affect you. 

For example, diabetes makes the gums more prone to bleeding. That’s because high blood sugar levels damage the tissue around the teeth, making it more sensitive to bacterial infiltration. 

Dentists can also see where acid has come into contact with your teeth because of repeated wrenching. Over time, it can dissolve tooth enamel, causing it to erode back into the dentin. 

You can also see whether someone is a smoker by looking inside their mouths. Cigarettes lengthen gum healing times and make it harder for the mouth to repair itself naturally. 

They Tell People About What You Eat

Your teeth also tell a story about the food you eat. For example, if you have a sugary diet, you are more likely to have cavities, plaque, and gum disease. Bacteria feed on the sugar in the food, spitting out acid as waste products that damage your teeth. 

Teeth can also tell people if you have a healthy diet. Often, people who eat a lot of foods with high polyphenol content wind up with staining. This issue is mostly superficial, but it can make the teeth look black when they wouldn’t be on a normal diet. 

Berries are the worst offenders. However, tea and coffee are also bad for anyone wanting to avoid staining. You can also get stains building up from cocoa, tomatoes, and other high-tannin foods. 

They Reveal Your Dental Hygiene Habits

Related to this last point, the state of your teeth also tells a story about your dental hygiene practices. You might think you’re brushing well, but the plaque in your mouth could convey a different tale. 

Most people don’t brush perfectly because it is hard to maneuver the toothbrush at all angles inside the mouth. Many wind up with a line of plaque along the inside gum line under the tongue because the area is so difficult to reach. However, you can get around this by using an electric toothbrush with a smaller head. These devices can go below the tongue and scoop out any plaque that might be lurking there. 

If you have poor overall dental hygiene, the effects will eventually show up in your teeth. Eventually, most people who eat sugar develop cavities, and that means a trip to the dentist for a fix. 

They Show Your Age

Finally, your teeth can sometimes reveal your age. Older people tend to have shorter and yellower teeth than younger folks, and receding gum lines. 

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