What Does a Permanent Makeup Artist Do?


A study dating back to 2014 suggested that the average woman spends approximately 55 minutes a day on hair and makeup. Makeup is a powerful tool that can be used to hide insecurities, like small blemishes or dark spots. However, it can also be used to boost self-confidence and increase feelings of attractiveness.

Still, not every woman has 55 minutes that they can afford to a makeup routine.

This is why more and more are seeking out a permanent makeup artist. Keep reading to learn all about what permanent makeup artists do, and the number of benefits their services can provide!

What Does a Permanent Makeup Artist Do?

A permanent makeup artist applies a cosmetic product, such as eyeliner or mascara, utilizing procedures that make the product permanent. Therefore, it eliminates the need for daily application. These procedures include microblading, lip blushing, scar camouflaging, as well as permanent eyeliner.

Microblading is one of the most commonly sought procedures. This involves cosmetic tattooing of the eyebrows, often with small strokes to resemble individual hairs. This procedure can add pigment to the brows, enhance brow shape, and make brows appear fuller.

Lip blushing alters the color and shape of the lips by way of pigment injection.

Scar camouflaging attempts to hide scars by applying flesh-colored tattoos. Although this procedure is popular for facial scars, it is utilized for scarring all over the body. This process also relaxes the skin around a scar making the skin look more even.

Finally, another common permanent makeup procedure is permanent eyeliner, which injects dark pigment in between the lashes.

Finding the Right Permanent Makeup Artist

When pursuing a permanent makeup procedure, it is critical to find qualified makeup artists.

A great place to start is the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. This society represents professionals in the industry and has information on various artists in each state. However, it is always important to follow up on the artist’s qualifications.

Before scheduling a procedure, look at the artist’s reviews, training, as well as their portfolio of previous work. It is also important to ensure that wherever they offer their procedures abide by CDC safety and sanitation.

Benefits of Permanent Cosmetic Procedures

Two of the primary benefits of receiving permanent cosmetic procedures are that it saves time and money.

With permanent makeup, there is no need to afford extra time in the morning to follow through with a makeup routine. Permanent makeup also saves on the cost of beauty products by eliminating the need for repeat purchases of products like eyeliner and mascara.

However, permanent cosmetic procedures also offer benefits for individuals with health conditions or allergic reactions.

For anyone that has suffered a stroke, or persons with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or any other condition that may limit or impair mobility, permanent makeup offers a great solution. Permanent makeup allows everyone to wear makeup but takes away the difficulties of applying it.

As for allergic reactions, many have sensitive skin that responds poorly to many of the products in the beauty industry. With permanent makeup, there is no need to fear allergies or skin irritation.

A Worthy Investment?

Seeking out a permanent makeup artist may be a great investment. Depending on how often you wear makeup, one of these procedures could save plenty of time and money in your daily routine.

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