Five Easy Ways to Save on Your Wedding

Five Easy Ways to Save on Your Wedding

Your big day should be something to remember, but so should your honeymoon and the life you start with your new partner. The point is, if you can enjoy a truly stunning wedding on a budget, then there is no reason not to. You don’t need to drop $50,000 on a wedding to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can save instead just by using these five easy tips: 

Hold Your Wedding Out of Season 

Weddings occur around the year, but the “in” season is definitely in the summer months. It’s for this reason that you will find a lot of discounts and great deals on winter wedding venues and even on dresses, cakes, and décor. The next wedding season trends are being brought out for the next spring/summer season, so you can take advantage of that and enjoy deals left, right, and centre.
The trick is to of course choose a venue that looks great no matter what, even on a bleak winter day without a trickle of snow in sight. With a venue like that it won’t matter what it looks like outside, because it will be magical inside. 

Stick with Seasonal Flowers

Flowers are another big cost to any wedding, but an easy way to keep them in budget is to skip the out-of-season favourites and instead stick with stunning winter wedding flowers like Poinsettias or Sweet Peas. They are easier to grow, more sustainable, and far more cost effective as a result. It is also an easy way to be unique with your floral arrangements since you’ll be using flowers most people won’t consider. 

Buy a Second-Hand or Sample Dress 

The dress is always a big cost, but there are many ways that you can save big. Unlike any other second-hand shopping experience, you actually know that the dresses you are looking at were only worn once. That is probably less than sample dresses or the clothes you try on and buy in store. 

Of course, if you fell in love with a dress from this season, then try to scoop up a sample size. There is no guarantee with this, as the dress wasn’t made with your measurements in mind, but if you fit the sample size you can walk away with a huge discount.

Don’t Shop for Wedding Décor 

As soon as anything has the word wedding in it the cost is going to go up, so just don’t shop for weddings. Buy décor that is unique and special to you instead. Just by stepping away from the typical design and look of a wedding you’ll save big on the décor and design. 

Save on Food by Keeping Things Simple 

Food is a big part of a wedding, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be complex. Simple comfort food that tastes great is often cheaper to make and easier to feed to large groups. More than that, there is a greater chance everyone will have something that they like. Stick to simple basics, and avoid overly complex foods to please and save. 

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