How to Plan an Intimate Wedding

How to Plan an Intimate Wedding


There are many reasons why people choose to plan a smaller, more intimate wedding; from keeping costs lower, to having a smaller family. Whatever the reason may be for having a smaller wedding, a more private big day certainly offers many benefits.

Why Choose to Have a Smaller Wedding?

A smaller wedding means that you have lots of options open to you regarding where you can hold your ceremony and reception. Quaint little village churches, or quirky restaurants all suddenly become viable venue choices when you make the decision to have a more intimate wedding.

Having fewer guests also brings a special feel to the wedding, and shows the people that are invited how important that they are to you. A smaller number of guests means that you can also spend more time talking to everyone and having a great time rather than continually working the room as you would at a large wedding.

It goes without saying that your budget will stretch a lot further when planning a smaller wedding — having more money to play with means that you can treat your guests to an extra special event, which may be unaffordable if you were having a big wedding.

It’s all in the Detail

Intimate weddings mean that you can spend more time (and money) on the smaller details to maximum effect. Little touches like luxury wedding invites such as the ones here and thoughtful wedding favors are all the more possible at intimate weddings. A small wedding allows the opportunity to go the extra mile and add in some beautiful touches to your special day.

Think about the smaller details that you can incorporate into your wedding that will lend themselves to a more intimate feel. These details could be decorations and fairy lights at your venue, a live singer rather than the traditional disco, the possibilities are endless.

Choose the Right Venue

While fewer guests generally make it easier to find a unique venue for your wedding, there are also things to look out for too. Ensure that your venue for the wedding breakfast doesn’t require a minimum number of guests, as you don’t want to pay for extra people that aren’t coming.

Another important thing to consider is the size of the venue, a space that’s too big could look empty and unwelcoming, so take the time to research venues that best suit smaller weddings. With this in mind, it may be a good idea to research non-traditional wedding reception venues, such as private rooms in restaurants instead.

Be Organised

When hosting an intimate wedding, it is advisable to send out save the date cards. If you are already having fewer guests, you certainly don’t want to find out a couple of months before your wedding day that half of your guest list won’t be able to make it.

Don’t forget to book your venue as far in advance as you can, those pretty little countryside churches and boutique hotels certainly get booked up quickly!


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