The Benefits of Having a Music Room in Your Home

The Benefits of Having a Music Room in Your Home

There are many benefits to playing musical instruments. Not only is playing music an extremely enjoyable and rewarding hobby, but it also has positive effects on the brain. Playing an instrument is believed to improve memory, reduce stress and depression, and strengthen bonds with others.

Studies have shown that duetting musicians or groups of musicians actually experience synchronicities in brain activity. Whether you are the one who plays an instrument, or if one or more of your kids are learning instruments, the benefits that it can have on family life are significant. Many families even set aside designated music rooms for practice! 

If you live with musicians, setting up a music room in your home may be a fantastic idea.

You Will Be Able to Control Noise Levels

Let’s be honest – as often as hearing people playing musical instruments in your home can be enjoyable, there are also plenty of times when the sound may be intrusive or distracting. If you are trying to focus on work, the TV, or trying to sleep, you probably don’t want to hear a drum kit pounding, a guitar thrashing, or someone doing vocal warm-up exercises

Isolating the noise to one room may not solve the problem on its own, but there are various ways that you can soundproof a room to ensure that people can play without disturbing anyone. For more information, click here; band rehearsal rooms melbourne.

You Can Keep All of the Equipment in One Place

Musical instruments and their associated accessories can take up a surprising amount of room. While it is no surprise that a full drum kit or a grand piano take up plenty of space, other instruments like the guitar can require various other pieces of equipment. An electric guitar requires an amplifier and cables, and any electronic musical instrument may require headphones for when practicing late at night, and of course a local electrical supply.

If the musicians that you live with are interested in recording or producing music, you can add lots more equipment to the mix too! Without a designated music room, this equipment can end up scattered all around the house.

Musicians Can Play Together

We mentioned earlier the benefits of playing together as musicians. In addition to these psychological benefits, there are also plenty of more obvious benefits. Playing music together is a lot of fun and enhances musical capabilities. Musicians may even find themselves collaborating on musical projects or writing songs together when they are practicing in the same room. 

If you have kids who are budding musicians, you may even find that they decide to start their own band and use the music room as a rehearsal space. You never know, the next Bee Gees, Jackson 5, or Oasis (hopefully without as many dramatic arguments!) could be founded in your house!

You Can Design the Space to Be Inspiring

A music room can be a space for creativity as well as just a storage space for equipment. Decorating the walls with art, posters, or inspirational quotes that get the creative juices flowing can be a godsend for musicians.

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