Five Tips to Renovate the Spare Bedroom

Five Tips to Renovate the Spare Bedroom

If you have a spare room upstairs that’s not doing anything, you might as well renovate it and make it earn its keep. A spare bedroom is an excellent asset in the home as it can be used for family and friends as well as guests for your small business. Here are five tips for renovation. 

Plain Colors 

Bedrooms benefits from plain colors, this has been the case forever, but some people have forgotten that plain colors are the most relaxing thing to look at when you fall asleep at night or wake up in the morning. Plain colors like white, grey and various pastel shades create a calming effect on the mind and accommodate most tastes and sensibilities if you have a business. 

Plain colors are also easy to acquire and decorate, meaning you can change the colors whenever you like. Running an Airbnb from a spare bedroom is a great way to make extra cash and meet new people, but you need a unique selling point. Changing the wall colors to match the season is a nice way to appeal to travelers on the website and generate more business.  

Wood Walls 

If painting isn’t your thing, then consider wood walls. If you think wood walls will be expensive and difficult to install, think again. Find out more about peel and stick wood for your guest bedroom. Peel and stick wood is the latest home decoration technology that makes decorating to a high standard easier than ever. Simply order the wood, peel it, and install it. 

Wood walls are amazing in the bedroom; they are super cozy and make the right impression on your guests; they also make your Airbnb business stand out online. Peel and stick walls give you a professional-looking finish for half the time and a fraction of the cost, and if you have any issues with the panels – let’s say some guest damage – they are easy enough to replace.  

Bedroom Furniture 

Bedroom furniture needs to be considered carefully before making choices and spending money. First, you need to decide what the bedroom is for, will it be for travelers and Airbnb guests, for friends and family members when they stay over, or for something else (perhaps a home office)? Understanding the use of the spare bedroom makes a difference in your choices.

When you have established what your bedroom is about, it’s time to choose the best furniture for the space. Bedroom furniture consists of nightstands, drawers, wardrobes, chairs, and storage containers. Furniture choices will be limited by the dimensions of the rooms and the budget; buy what you like but ensure you have enough floor space and style purpose.  

Plant Life 

Don’t forget about plant life in the bedroom. Plants are amazing air purifiers; they are also lovely to look at and very inspiring. Chances are you will get more attention on the Airbnb website if you include plenty of pictures of the plants in your bedroom. Plant life comes in many different forms – that’s one of the excellent things about plants – but you might be limited in your choices. 

If you have cats, there are only specific varieties of plants you can have in your home; the last thing you want is for your cat to nibble the plants in the spare bedroom and become ill or worse. The good news is that you can always close the door to the spare room if there’s any danger of that or simply buy plant life that works for your lifestyle. Plant life offers a hundred benefits.  

Mod Cons 

If you are using the spare bedroom as a guest room, there are certain mod cons that you don’t want to be without. Installing a thermostat is a good idea so that guests can control the room temperature; it’s also a good idea to install a mini fridge and offer a kettle and some tea. Remember, people have specific dietary requirements these days, so try to cater to these.  

If you don’t intend to use the spare room as a small business, your choices for the appliances might be different; instead, you might prioritize a nightstand and lamp, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe, or something else. Again, the most important first step to creating the perfect guest bedroom is to decide how the space is going to be used and decide on a suitable budget.  

Final Thoughts 

Renovating the spare room is an excellent idea, especially if you intend to use it as a small business. A guest bedroom is ideal for earning easy money in addition to your day job, and you get to meet interesting people as well. It isn’t difficult or expensive to renovate a bedroom. 

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