Furniture Care Guide: Effective Tips For Cleaning Leather Sofas

Furniture Care Guide: Effective Tips For Cleaning Leather Sofas

Choosing the right furniture for your home can be difficult and time-consuming. After all, it’s hard to know what items you need most, which ones reflect your style, and whether they will be the right choice for the future. 

That’s why you need to take your time choosing the perfect furniture and then, once you have it, make sure you look after it.

Leather sofas are a great choice as they are practical, durable, relatively easy to clean, and they are usually comfortable. The trick to them staying this good is to clean them regularly.

It should be noted that while you can clean them regularly it is also a good idea to book a deep clean from the leather sofa cleaning experts. Having this done once a year will help to ensure your leather sofa outlasts you. 

Brush First

It is a good idea to give your leather sofa a clean twice a week. This prevents any dirt from becoming ingrained and ensures it will last for years.

The first step in cleaning is to brush the sofa with a clean and dry cloth. This simply removes anything that has settled on the surface and hasn’t yet become ingrained. 

Vacuum Next

With the main dirt gone you’ll want to pick up all the loose dirt and debris in the folds and creases of your leather sofa. A cloth won’t work as you are more likely to push the dirt into the sofa than you are to remove it. 

Instead, you need to use a vacuum cleaner and put the soft brush attachment on it. This will allow you to gently move over all the crevices and vacuum up the majority of the dirt. Take your time with this stage as the more that is vacuumed up the better. 

Damp Wipe

The next step is to take a clean cloth and make it damp. Water is the best option for this. However, it is best to use water without chlorine in as this can distort the color of the sofa. That means either using filtered water or distilled water. 

If you have any doubts do a test first on a small part of the sofa that you can’t see. It should not alter the color. Once you have established this you can wipe the entire sofa over with yr damp cloth. This helps to remove other debris and dust as well as markings from spills. 

Leather Cleaner

To finish the job you’ll want to use a leather cleaner. There are several good products on the market and they will wipe away any other marks while helping to keep the leather soft. That’s essential if you want it to last. When leather isn’t kept soft it dries out and starts to crack. That instantly ruins the look and feel of the sofa. It also encourages spills to penetrate the material and gives you further problems in the future. 

Remember, your regular care plus some assistance from the professional will keep your leather sofa looking fantastic for years.

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