Saving Money With Scott’s Liquid Gold

Saving Money With Scott's Liquid Gold

I started my spring cleaning early as is usually the case with me and my home smells amazing and looks great too. There is one thing I did differently this year than I normally do and that was to add Scott’s Liquid Gold to my normal cleaning products. After a year of ordering everything online, which did get expensive because of low inventory due to the pandemic, I didn’t have a lot to spend on my spring cleaning this year.  I made up my mind not to buy a dozen different products like I normally do and that was one of my best decisions to date in 2021.  I already frequently use Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care and because of the great results I get, I decided to try Scott’s Liquid Gold ONE Clean Home which is a multi-surface foaming cleaning.  The only other product I had to buy this year was a foaming bathroom disinfectant cleaner.  3 cleaners vs 12.

I started in my living room area and picked one room per day to really focus on. The reason I started on my living room is that my front door enters directly into my living room. It’s the first place everyone sees when they come over so it’s always the first place I start my cleaning, be it every day, weekly, or spring & fall cleaning. I started at the top by making sure no spider webs were hiding (I’m surrounded by woods, it happens), then proceeded to remove everything from my walls. I dusted pictures to regain and cleaned my walls from top to bottom.

Saving Money With Scott's Liquid Gold

After dusting everything well with Scott’s Liquid Gold, I gave my carpet a good vacuuming and cleaned the wood floor areas with it as well. While I was dusting knick-knacks, I set aside half of them to drop off at habitat and rearranged the furniture.  There’s no better time to declutter than while you’re cleaning.

From there I moved on to my dining area. My table is wood and ridiculously heavy but it’s something I’m proud to own. My last table was flimsy and I decided to invest in something that would last thru the years. That being said it was and is important to me to clean it with the right product. Again I put Scott’s Liquid Gold to the test and again it didn’t let me down.  Not only does it give it a fresh almond-scented clean, but it also helps to preserve my table for many family gatherings to come.

Saving Money With Scott's Liquid Gold


As I worked through each room, I found ways to use Scott’s Liquid Gold ONE Clean Home multi-surface foaming cleaner that gave my home a nice grapefruit scent and at the end of my cleaning.  I even used it in my kitchen cupboards.  I removed everything in them and gave them and the doors a nice good scrub down.

At the end of it all, I have to say I am 100% satisfied that I found a way to do my spring cleaning at a fraction of the cost. My home shines and as the pandemic lessens, I will once again be happy to have all of my friends and family over for good food, laughs and good company in a nice cleanly scented home.

Have you already tackled your spring cleaning? What’s been your favorite go-to cleaning product or products this year?

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary samples of Scott’s Liquid Gold for review purposes. 

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