GeoSmart Flip Bot

I don’t think the kids have ever had a toy they played with as much as they do their GeoSmart Flip  Bot.  And let me tell you.  With the weather, we’ve been having this crazy fun bot has been a blessing.  Even when the electric went out over the weekend from the flooding, they were playing without a care in the world.   And that’s how it should be with kids.

They played.

GeoSmart Flip Bot

And played.

GeoSmart Flip Bot

And played some more.

GeoSmart Flip Bot

They didn’t realize that this is a stem-focused toy.  They didn’t think about the fact that they were using their imaginations.  All they knew was that they were having fun.

This is a magnetic toy and I’ve been leaning more towards magnetic toys lately because they’re easier to put together in my opinion and the kids don’t seem to lose the parts as easily.   This set comes with 30-pieces including turbo motors.  You do need 3 aaa batteries so when you order this, be sure to order some rechargeable batteries as well.  This bot zooms, spins and flips and is just one of the best toys I’ve found this year.  I highly recommend it for kids ages 5 and up.

GeoSmart Flip Bot

After watching the kids play for hours and days, I knew that this toy was a product I could proudly add to my holiday gift guide.   I’m adding my affiliate link in my post in case you’d like to check it out.  What that means is that if you make a purchase using my link, I will receive a small commission at no additional charge to you.

Buy here –>> GeoSmart Flip  Bot

Check out all of GeoSmart toys here.

Please pin to your holiday gifts shopping board.

GeoSmart Flip Bot

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