Gymnastics vs. Dance: What’s Best for Your Child?

Gymnastics vs. Dance: What's Best for Your Child?

Did you know that you become 96% less creative when you reach adulthood? A new study by NASA found that 98% of children ages 4-5 scored on the highest level of creativity. By age 10 only 30% of the children achieved the same score.

By age 15 only 12% of the children achieved the same score. When adults were given the same test only 2% of them scored on the highest level of creativity.

How do you foster creativity at a young age and continue to practice it throughout your life? Enroll your children in creative activities like dance and gymnastics.

Keep reading to learn more about these activities and which might be best for your child.

What Is Dance?

Before making a choice between dance or gymnastics you want to be clear about what each activity entails. Dance is a form of movement with your body using music, choreographed or spontaneous, used to express feelings and creativity.

Different styles of dance exist in every culture around the world. Learning about these styles can teach your child a more global perspective.

There’s a lot to learn from each type of dance. Which style of dance class you choose for your child will depend on their interests and personality.

Ballet requires more refinement and technique while tap dancing is about learning timing and rhythm. Jazz is great for kids who are outgoing and energetic.

What Is Gymnastics?

Several different types of gymnastics teach complex skills like strength, coordination, and balance. Artistic gymnastics is the most well-known of the styles and includes using different equipment to create a routine.

Balance beams are the most common type of equipment used to show off control of the body.

Rhythmic gymnastics uses ribbons, hoops, and ropes as part of the routine. It also incorporates elements of dance and gymnastics.

The Difference Between Dance and Gymnastics

Dance and gymnastics are different in many ways and this might help you decide which activity is best for your child. For starters, gymnastics uses springs and padded floors for protection while students do jumps and tumbles. There is also more equipment used in gymnastics.

Dance classes at a ballet studio rarely use extra equipment and students learn to create moves only using their bodies. Dance classes tend to take place on hard surface floors.

Gymnastics focuses on teaching upper body strength while dancing focuses on strengthening the legs.

The Similarities Between Dance and Gymnastics

How are gymnastics and dance similar? Well, both are considered a sport and a form of creative expression. They’re both a form of physical exercise and help improve muscle strength, flexibility, and balance.

Both activities require the students to memorize certain movements and routines for performance.

The Best Choice Between Dance and Gymnastics

Dance and gymnastics offer similar benefits while being two completely different activities. If you’re considering enrolling your child in one of these classes, this guide can help you understand some of the similarities and differences so you can make the right choice for your child.

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