10 Kid’s Summer Activities to Keep Kids Entertained

10 Kid's Summer Activities to Keep Kids Entertained

Did you know that Americans make more than 600 million long-distance trips during the summer? Parents usually go with their kids to the beach/ocean, visit a famous city or simply go to a National Park.

When kids take a break from school and schedule, the summer provides a lot of free time to explore and learn. We compiled a list of kid’s summer activities to inspire you on how you can keep your child entertained. Keep reading to find out.

1. Plant Flowers or a Tree

Whether you decide to plant a tree in your own backyard or somewhere around your house, this activity is spiritually rewarding and fun to do. We all know that we should do our best to protect the planet and reduce our carbon footprint. Planting a tree sends a positive message to your kid and helps him/her become responsible when it comes to the well-being of the environment.

2. Take a Painting Class

Not everyone knows how to paint, but this skill can be learned. Especially if your kid clearly showcases artistic inclinations, you can take him or her to a painting class.

This activity stimulates your kid’s imagination and will help him/her make a few new friends. Some of these classes are taught in free summer programs for elementary school students as well.

3. Get A Telescope and Explore the Night Sky

For some people, it’s really difficult to sleep at night during the summer. If this is your case as well then maybe you should jump out of the bed and engage in some innocent stargazing with your kid.

You can enrich this experience by buying an inexpensive telescope and use it when looking at the stars. Even better, bring a notebook and a pen and allow your kid to note down his/her observations as well.

4. Build a New House for your Dog

If your canine friend sits out in the yard most of the time, maybe it’s a good idea to build a new house for him too. You can engage your kid in this activity and let him/her help as much as possible.

Whether it’s about gathering the raw materials or putting the dog house together, your child will definitely be very entertained by this activity and the dog gets a new house! Win-win situation.

5. Arrange for a Cultural Trip

From time to time, it would be great to help your kid learn new stuff in a fun and entertaining manner. For example, you can take your kid to the nearest museum and allow him/her to learn more about history, art, and culture in general. You might also take your kid to an aquarium to see different types of fish and sea life.

Don’t forget to also visit the planetarium where your kid can learn more about the solar system and space. This will definitely help him/her enjoy the next stargazing experience even more.

6. Organize a Treasure Hunt

Now it would be a great idea to also engage your kid’s friends in a group activity. Forget the guy who shows magic tricks to kids, why don’t you hide a valuable item somewhere in your yard and come up with a thrilling treasure hunt experience. You can create a map of the area and leave hints and directions for your kids to follow.

The one who finds the treasure gets a gift and he or she should celebrate it with friends. Although this activity requires little involvement on your behalf, there are few better ways to spend a summer weekend.

7. Repair a Bicycle

It’s normal for kids to break things as they play. Maybe your little one got very zealous with the bicycle and accidentally damaged it. This provides the perfect opportunity for some DIY time spent together.

Grab a few tools and challenge your kid to help you fix the bike. Let him or her help along the way and explain how things work inside a bike. Your kid will be more than happy to participate and at the end of the day, the bicycle will also be fixed.

8. Make Healthy Beverages

Your kid can learn so many interesting things from you. For example, you might want to spend a little time teaching your kid how to make lemonade, orange juice, and tea. Bring in the utensils and fruits in a basket and show your kid how it’s done.

Then let them have a go and see how well the lemonade tastes. You can also show your kid how to season his/her beverages with a leaf of mint or honey.

9. Take a Pottery Class

Nothing is more beautiful than creating stuff with your hands. You might be lucky to have a pottery center somewhere in your town where you can take your kid for a class.

He or she gets the chance to learn how to do pottery from experts and create beautiful small vases. This can be a wonderful bonding opportunity for you and your little one, not to mention that you also learn something new.

10. Organize a Tea Party in Your Yard

This is not difficult to do and it’s an ideal activity for a lazy weekend. Make sure that you prepare some snacks and refreshments and ask your kid to invite his/her friends over.

A tea party provides the perfect opportunity for kids to hang out and play. You can also get an inflatable pool and install it in your yard for more fun. If someone brings a cat or a dog, that’s even better!

Now You Know How To Plan Your Kid’s Summer Activities!

Remember that your kid’s summer activities provide multiple benefits. Not only do they keep your kid entertained, but he or she remains busy with interesting stuff and doesn’t get involved in juvenile delinquency. These summer activities for kids are easy to plan and fun to do, so everyone should be happy at the end of the day.

For more useful parenting advice and finding new ways to keep your kid entertained, make sure that you read the other articles in our blog. They will expand your imagination and help you become a better parent!

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