So, You’ve Said Yes To Getting Married: Now What?

So, You've Said Yes To Getting Married: Now What?

Congratulations on your engagement; what a great thing you’ll have to be excited about during the upcoming months, and beyond. Now that you’re over the beautiful surprise and have announced the good news to your friends and family (and changed that Facebook status of course); you can begin all the fun stuff, and get that Pinterest board working overtime. Like many brides to be; you’ve probably got quite a strong idea of what you want your big day to look like, or maybe it’s a particular color or flower that you have in mind, and need to work out the details.

There’s no time like the present to begin collating your wedding ideas together, and creating an online, or physical, scrapbook so that you can reference something visual throughout your planning process. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and tips for brides who want to get their personality and style across as soon as the engagement has been announced, and plans to relish every step of the planning process.


Remember You’re A Team

It’s important to involve your future spouse as much as possible regarding the themes and ideas for your wedding; you want it to be a representation of you as a couple and reflect both of your tastes. It’s always lovely when a couple of both choose the design of their engagement and wedding rings, so, it’s worth checking out Love & Promise Engagement Rings together, and choosing something just right, that you both love. You don’t need to wait for your wedding to arrive to enjoy your style and taste in design; express your ideas from the get-go so that people will get a sense of what to expect as they witness your nuptials.

Remember, it’s crucial that you have as much fun throughout this process as you can; you don’t want to look back and regret not enjoying the little things. It can be easy to get tired and stressed as you plan for your wedding; however, your fiance and loved ones are there to help you enjoy this celebration, so make sure that you call on them whenever you need to. You’ll be able to make some beautiful memories, and you’ll wish you had a wedding to plan every year!

Get That Party Started

Your chosen venue will say a lot about your style as a couple and the sort of vibe that your wedding will have; once you’ve booked where you’re going to get married, you can begin planning the characterful touches. Firstly; you’ll need to send out your save the dates or invitations, which should have all the relevant information on them and give a clue as to what your guests can expect.

Take into consideration your color scheme, if there’s a particular era you both favor and the venue where you’ll get hitched. Sending out the word about your special day is the first step in building excitement with those you love and creating your perfect wedding, full of the happy couple’s personality.

Why Not Celebrate Now?

If you need the time (as do many newly engaged couples) to save for your dream wedding; it might not be happening for one or two years. However, you, your fiance, and the rest of those you care about will still want to celebrate the news. An engagement party is an ideal way to enjoy your new status, ensure the wedding guests will have met before, and get to grips with planning an event.

The party will also be a positive way to see what does and doesn’t work within your ideal event, and you can decide to use companies and wedding-related businesses again for your big day, or if you need to find new ones. Some ideas will seem great in your head regarding themes and party ideas, but if they don’t work out as well on the night of your engagement party; you’ll know not to include them in your wedding day plans.

You Do You

You don’t need to do things in the run-up to your wedding just because everyone else has; your special day is about you and your partner, so do whatever makes you happy. Remember that the more unique your big day is to you, the more special it will feel, and your guests will appreciate it. Your nearest and dearest love you no matter what and will have the best time, enjoying what you have in store for them, so it’s important to stay true to who you are.

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