Homeowners Guide To DIY Carpet Cleaning

Homeowners Guide To DIY Carpet Cleaning

How To Clean Your Own Carpets?

Carpets must be clean and germ-free at all times. The best way to get this done is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company such as  www.no1carpetcleaningmelbourne.com.au for a thorough cleaning. However, while this method is the most effective, it is not compulsory. If you have the time and you feel up to it, carpet cleaning is something you can do on your own. You may not be as efficient as a pro, but most people do a good job at cleaning their carpet. This method is also less expensive and gives you more control over the cleaning process. If you are a DIY enthusiast, here is a simple guide to follow for an efficient carpet cleaning.

Clean your carpet immediately

If you spill liquid on your carpet or your pet makes a mess, clean up the mess immediately before the stain becomes deep-seated. When cleaning liquid stains, you should blot the stain away rather than try to rub it away. Rubbing the stained spot can potentially damage the fibers and will spread the stain even more. Gently blot the stained spot instead.


You see, vacuuming your carpet may not seem like much, but this good old method works quite effectively in keeping your carpet clean. It reduces how often you will need to deep clean your carpet. It is generally recommended that you do this at least once a week. Get yourself a “High-Efficiency Particulate Air” (HEPA) vacuum for efficient cleaning of even the smallest particles.

Preparing DIY carpet cleaning solutions

One of the advantages of DIY carpet cleaning is that you get to save cost and not spending money on chemical cleaning agents is one of the strategies that help you cut cost. You can prepare your own DIY carpet cleaning solution using ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen. Some of the common DIY carpet cleaners you can make include:

  • Water + Vinegar + Salt: Mix water two parts of water with one part of vinegar in a spray bottle then add in one teaspoon of water. The salt helps to bind the stain particles while the vinegar and water dissolve them. Spray this mixture on the stained portion of your carpet or the entire carpet and vacuum when it dries.
  • Baking Soda + Vinegar + Water: This is another combination that works as a homemade carpet cleaner for spot cleaning stains. Sprinkle some baking soda over the stained portion of the carpet. Spray this with a mixture of vinegar and water after letting it sit in for at least an hour (you may leave it overnight). Gently pat the area with a soft cloth.
  • Salt + Borax + Vinegar: To prepare this mixture, combine equal parts of the ingredients (borax, vinegar, and salt) in a bowl. The ideal measure is about ¼ cup of each substance. This will form a past which you can apply on your carpet and vacuum off after a few hours.

A word of caution here, borax is an irritant so you’d want to use hand gloves for this and keep your pet away until you clean up the paste.

Start by combining equal parts salt, borax, and vinegar in a small bowl or another container; the Thriving Home blog recommends ¼ cup of each. You’ll end up with a paste, which you then apply to your carpet.

Homeowners Guide To DIY Carpet Cleaning

Use a steam cleaner

A steam cleaner is one of the must-have equipment for efficient carpet cleaning especially if you want to do a thorough job. Of course, you cannot buy a new unit just for DIY carpet cleaning. What you can do is simply rent one. You can find a consumer steam cleaner for rent at a local store near you. These types of steam carpet cleaners aren’t quite as efficient as the commercial types, but they will still get the job done as far as extracting the dirt and debris is concerned.

Deodorizing your carpet

Cleaning your carpet is one thing, but most times it is never enough to get rid of carpet odors. To get rid of bad carpet smell, you can prepare your own deodorizer using a mixture of warm water (about a gallon) and vinegar (1/2 a cup). You can also add a few drops of essential if you want. Put this solution in a spray bottle and spray it over your carpet for a nice smell.


As you can see, carpet cleaning is a lot of work. This is why most people simply opt to hire a professional for the job. However, if this is a task you are willing to undertake, you will find the tips above quite helpful for you. Also, if you can afford it, you should still get a professional cleaner to clean your carpet at least once a year. This should be in addition to regular DIY cleaning like this.

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