How Combat Sports Can Get You a Ripped Physique

How Combat Sports can get you a Ripped Physique

The first thing that you must have is being a combat athlete, strength and part. And muscles are primarily responsible for that. Being stronger than the opponent gives you a crucial advantage in the fighting ring that favors you in almost every fighting aspect from grappling to wrestling & striking. 

Greater muscle mass undoubtedly gives you sheer strength and improved knockout ability. More muscle improves your foundational strength and makes it harder for your opponents to take you down and makes it easier for you to take them down. Muscle bulk, especially in your lower body, gives you a lower center of gravity, meaning that you will be better able to dictate where the fight will go. For knowing more about martial arts and fitness click here.

For combatants, muscles act as armor that protects your body from nasty injuries. The more muscle mass you have, the more armor will be protecting you. Though it doesn’t eradicate all of the chances of injury, you will be better protected with strong muscle tissue that will cover your vital organs. 

But one thing that combatants must keep in their minds is to make sure they do not lose their athletic ability, or just for the sake of getting big.

How training for combat sports gives you a ripped physique? 

The most common MMA Roseville workout routine includes HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts regularly. It enables them to perform explosive moves while they are training for the fights. On the days when they are not training for MMA, an appropriate training regimen includes weight training. MMA practice is itself a demanding training, it puts a shear pressure on your muscles causing them to give you a ripped physique. 

The prime reason behind their ripped physique is the unique style of cardio they perform as a part of their training. That style is very beneficial for muscle preservation. Fighters usually engage in HIIT training followed by recovery intervals, repeated at a certain length. The nature of high-intensity intervals that the practitioner performs utilizes their muscle explosively for maximal contraction, means their muscles get activated to a higher degree which aids muscle building process. 

Developing balance is one of the most essential requirements of combat sports. To build that up, practitioners are required to lift weights. Lifting weights for strength training are different from lifting weights for balance. Getting desired results must give your body the proper stimulation that it needs for building bigger and powerful muscles. One of the most common approaches that are often performed by combatants is working out with heavy weights & performing a lesser number of reps. 

Combat training isn’t about performing intense cardio sessions for longer time intervals. Have you ever wondered why marathon athletes look the way they do? Mainly because they run for a longer duration in their training regime. Which makes it hard for them to build muscles. But that’s not the case with combat athletes. Their training incorporates a variety of workouts. One thing that combat training teaches and is ideal for building muscles is maintaining the form. Even the best choke or hold would be ineffective if proper technique isn’t applied. With persistence, patience, and constant practice you get to learn the proper form even if it seems too hard at the start. So you develop resistance to the urge to cheat when exercising. The proper form gives your muscles the stimulation they need for getting ripped. Your muscles get most of the session by performing the workouts correctly. 

Being a martial art practitioner you must be already aware of the fact protein helps in repairing and building muscles. Regardless of how intense your workout is, you won’t get the desired results if it’s not accompanied by a proper diet. MMA diets incorporate adequate amounts of protein that your body needs for building up muscles. Get premium quality athletic wear from here. You can also buy MMA hoodies from Apex Fitness that you can use to protect yourself from cold.

Things to Keep in mind…

Combat athletes usually train themselves on the floor. Following the philosophy ‘more is better but that doesn’t help with muscle building. Overworking isn’t helpful anyway. The training program is high in volume is the last thing a fighter would need. It should be balanced with scheduled recovery days and incorporates a variety of workouts. 

It’s not so beneficial for combat athletes to build up bulky biceps. Power for all the punching blows, and strikes get generated from your core and lower body. So it’s recommended to combat athletes to add bulk in the areas where it’s preferably helpful. I.e legs, glutes, upper back, core, & shoulders.

Best Combat Sports That Get You Ripped

  • Muay Thai: A physical and mental fighting discipline known as “ Art of 8 limbs” Concentrates on heavy conditioning that enhances your fitness & toughness. Muscle endurance, increased mobility, agility & force production are additional benefits of muay Thai.
  • TaekWondo: It’s a Korean style martial art that primarily focuses on kicks. Training helps you in building strong tone legs, increasing your agility & flexibility. Its training consists of full-body workouts that start to tone your body head to toe. Give a fat-free lean physique. 
  • Judo: It’s a Japanese combat art. Its training isn’t just a but a whole lifestyle. It effectively combines physical activity with self-defense skills & breathing exercises, that help you in getting fit and better. 
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu puts a prime emphasis on grappling techniques & ground fighting. The intense sparring session gets the hell out of you. Develop an iron sense of balance, sky-high strength, and boosted flexibility & agility. Strenuous BJJ training sessions are very effective in giving you a ripped physique. BJJ is based on grappling and studies show that grappling offers more from a muscle-building point of view than striking. 
  • Sambo: This combat sport is all about takedowns & fast groundwork. It uses your power for driving you up while throwing your opponent on the ground. 

Training for this combat sport makes you gain muscle, sharpens mental & physical dexterity, and enables you to be more agile & disciplined.

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