How to get Your Muscles in work for Maximizing Detoxification

How to get Your Muscles in work for Maximizing Detoxification

The term ‘Detox’ is used loosely in health & fitness. There are a variety of methods through which your body detoxifies or cleanses itself. We are aware of how beneficial exercise is for your body. One of them is removing harmful toxins from your body. 

Having a regular workout routine despite your busy schedule inevitably improves muscle strength & endurance. Muscles can aid your body’s natural effort of detoxifying itself through lymph system stimulation & controlling levels of blood sugar.

How does the body naturally detoxify itself? 

The human body has a natural inherent detoxification system. Different organs of the body play a role in detoxification. 

  • The Skin: Skin is the largest organ of the human body, its main purpose is to provide a barrier against viruses, bacteria & toxins. It’s a single-gate- defense system; Toxins can’t enter intact skin, but they eliminate mechanisms like sweating. 
  • The Immune System: Your immune system is designed for recognizing foreign substances & eliminating them from your body by your blood & lymph
  • The Respiratory System. Then tiny hairs in your nasal cavity trap dirt & particles inhaled, preventing them from getting to your lungs. 
  • The Intestines. Small intestines filter parasites & foreign matter is absorbed via lymph nodes. Thus prevent toxins accumulation. 
  • The Liver: The liver is your body’s main filter against toxins. It produces enzymes that regulate your metabolism & defends against harmful chemicals & toxins.
  • The Kidneys: Kidneys are very efficient when it comes to filtering waste substances & eliminating them by your body. 

Impact of Exercise on the Natural Detoxification Process

Studies show that exercise is very effective in detoxifying the body as it assists the kidneys, lungs, immune system & intestines in becoming more efficient and performing their functions at the best. Moreover, it enhances your body’s natural function of doing what it’s meant to do. 

  • The up & down motion that undergoes while performing jumping exercises compresses & decompresses tissues & fluids causing toxins to get squeezed out of the tissues as the lymph fluid is pushed by the body. 
  • Yoga twists aids in squeezing your organs while pushing the blood out & allowing the fresh blood to rush in aiding better circulation & better health. Deep yogic breaths with exhalation empty your lungs from unneeded carbon dioxide while allowing the oxygenated airflow to help in nourishing your cells. Moreover, yoga meditation also assists emotional detoxification. 
  • Exercise aids your blood in getting rid of a substance that gets accumulated during stress. Your brain releases endorphins into your blood which creates a positive post-exercise attitude. 
  • Recent studies claim that your muscles produce an enzyme that helps in clearing your body from a substance that is directly linked to depression. Well-trained muscles themselves eliminate harmful substances from your liver & kidneys. Make sure you get yourself premium quality workout clothes. 

Revving up your lymph system with exercise

An important function of a regular workout is related to the stimulation of your lymph system, which is the prime system for detoxifying your body. Same as the circulatory system, the lymph system is the body’s system for moving liquid substances. The Lymph system in a healthy human body is twice as large as its circulatory system. 

When your body tissues are done with using the nutrients that get delivered to them by blood in the circulatory system, remaining waste products — that include toxins; get released into your lymph system. The waste products move through the larger & larger lymph vessels till they are eventually dumped into your circulatory system, from there they get carried back to the liver & kidneys for getting further processed & later leave your body. 

Your lymph system largely depends on the contracting muscles & movement of the lungs for moving wastes through the system & eventually out of the body. The stronger & more active the muscles & lungs, the more activity your lymph system will be & more rapidly the waste products will leave your body. 

Muscling out blood sugar problems via regular workouts

Having higher sugar content in your body leaves a variety of toxic effects. Regulated blood sugar is a vital benefit of exercising regularly. When you workout, increased demand for energy gets posed on your body which makes it more effective in carrying excess sugar directly out of the bloodstream. This process can be a huge help in keeping the blood sugar under control, and also helps in preventing diabetes. Working out as little as a 30 min walk a day will be beneficial.

Types of Exercise that promotes flushing of toxins  

Different studies revealed that cardiovascular exercise is likely to have the most positive impact on your mood & stress. But this doesn’t mean that resistance training will not have a similar effect. 

  • Aerobic Exercise:

Any low or high-impact exercise that elevates your breathing and heart rate is a suggested detox way. Aerobic workouts help the food you’ve eaten in moving along your gastrointestinal tract while strengthening your abdomen muscles. As long as your breathing rate is falling within the fat-burning zone. Aerobic exercise can be anything such as dancing, swimming, playing athletic sports. 

  • Rebounding: 

Rebounding or jumping at a controlled intensity on a mini-trampoline is a form of workout that releases toxins from your body. Those lateral low impact motions stimulate your lymphatic system, in carrying out the functions of the immune system. The lymph nodes in your bodywork as a natural filter against harmful substances. Doing a jumping motion workout up to 3 times a week for 20 minutes would be enough for flushing out toxins from your body.  

3 )Yoga

Specific yoga poses are proven to be very helpful and effective for detoxifying your body. Such poses are also used in pilates and martial arts. Yoga cleanses your body more from inside than outside. By practicing it for a few weeks you will begin experiencing the results. Some of those poses are revolved chair pose, sage twist pose and shoulder stand pose. 

Adjust your diet for enhancing Detox

The detox diet has a higher content of fiber but low GI, it gives your body a constant and steady energy supply throughout the day – plus, it has a higher protein content. Certain foods assist the liver effectively with daily detoxification. Such foods contain B-Vitamins, Vitamins A, C & E, Amino Acids, and healthy fats. 

Keeping the body healthy is a prime way of regulating and maintaining its self-cleaning system. A healthy diet, adequate sleep, water & exercise is beneficial in assisting your body in natural detoxification.


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