How Much Does an Urgent Care Visit Cost? The Prices to Expect

How Much Does an Urgent Care Visit Cost? The Prices to Expect

Not every medical malady is an emergency. And yet sometimes you can’t wait for your regular doctor visit.

Luckily, urgent care clinics are there for us.

But how much does an urgent care visit cost? While your health is more important than your wallet, it doesn’t always feel that way.

An unbudgeted bill can set you back almost as much as that unexpected cold. Read on to learn about the prices you can expect and why.

Do You Have Insurance?

Most health insurances can help you brunt the cost of urgent care. But not every health insurance is the same.

A lot of plans are high deductible ones, meaning you have to meet a high dollar amount before they kick in. This amount will vary based on whether you’re in a family plan or a single one.

But it’s safe to say it will be a few thousand dollars.

One visit to an urgent care clinic can cost you anywhere from $100 and up. But it will rarely go into a thousand or more. Places like this urgent care clinic can help walk you through how your bill can go up.

With insurance, you most likely will only have to pay the co-pay the day you go. That can be anywhere from $20 to about $100, depending on your insurance.

That’s nice for the day of. But the urgent care clinic will send the complete bill later.

Your insurance will get it first, and whatever they won’t pay, they will bill you. So, keep that in mind as the urgent care runs tests. You will be billed separately for things like getting an x-ray and blood work.

But if your deductible is already met, chances are you won’t have to pay anything.

In-Network Versus Out-of-Network

Here’s where what you will have to pay can become complicated.

Most insurances have what they call In-Network clinics and Out-of-Network ones.

An In-Network clinic means they already have a price agreement with the insurance. This will give you discounts and save you more money.

But if you go to an Out-of-Network clinic, you will be billed more. The reason for this is because they are setting their own rates.

It doesn’t mean they won’t accept your insurance. Just that there could be a lot more your insurance won’t cover.

No Insurance?

If you don’t have insurance, you can already expect to spend a few hundred dollars.

The good news is that, just like with the ER, you won’t have to pay for everything upfront. Although you should plan for some kind of clinic fee.

But going to an urgent care center is absolutely less expensive than going to the emergency room. On average, an ER visit will cost you a few thousand dollars. Whereas, one urgent care visit will just be a few hundred.

So, How Much Does an Urgent Care Visit Cost?

If you’re going for something like a cold, plan for around $200. For anything that will need extra tests, knock that number up a little higher for each one.

Are you glad you asked how much does an urgent care visit cost? Then check out more of our health and wellness posts!

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