5 Ways To Capture Your Child’s Early Years

5 Ways To Capture Your Child’s Early Years

It’s always an exciting time when you have a new addition to your family, but one thing that people don’t think much about is how quickly children grow up! One minute you could be holding your baby son or daughter in your arms, and the next, you could be watching them head off to high school!

The sad truth is that there’s no way to slow down time. But, the good news is that you can always remember your child’s early years in various ways. Here are a few excellent examples that you can try:

5 Ways To Capture Your Child’s Early Years

1. Have some photographic portraits made

While most parts own a camera or smartphone with a built-in camera, they aren’t a substitute for professional, high-quality photographs. Places like Twinkle Portraits can help to capture your child’s formative years, whether at home or outdoors. Avoid using photographers that only insist you go to them, as kids seldom sit still for more than a microsecond to have their photograph taken!

2. Create a photo book each year

You’ll likely be capturing all kinds of beautiful and memorable photographs such as fall minis of your child at play, even if they’re doing something silly yet amusing. Did you know that websites like Shutterfly can get used to creating high-quality photo books?

When your child has grown up to a point where they are becoming young adults, it’s nice to have a flick through those photo books and remember what life used to be like in their early years.

3. Cast your newborn’s footprints

One of the most fun yet memorable ways to forever remember your child as a baby is to have their footprints cast. There are many options for doing that. It’s a fun thing to do for both you and your newborn.

You could even have a 3D cast of your newborn baby’s footprints done if you’d prefer not to have a simple plaster cast created.

4. Create a photo collage

Another idea that is both inexpensive and easy to do is to create a photo collage. You can buy picture frames that allow you to slot in photographs in different sections, for example. Or you could create a collage using photographs printed on canvas and arranged uniquely.

5. Create a book of transcribed sayings and sentences

These days it’s easy for anyone to have a book published, even if it’s only one copy. With that knowledge in mind, an interesting and perhaps little-known idea of capturing your child’s early memories is to transcribe things they say.

Your book is essentially a collection of transcribed words, sayings, and phrases that always make you laugh and are things unique to your son or daughter. It’s worth adding in some context for each word or phrase, so if other family members or friends look at the book, they’ll understand what’s going on and enjoy reading it as much as you do. You could even add in some photographs if you’ve captured those moments on camera.

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